Adult man wearing the baby diaper
Smelling Messy Diapers in Public
December 2, 2019
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A Mommy to Dominate You
December 8, 2019
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I know you’re upset about me blackmailing you like this, but you really only have yourself to blame. If you hadn’t been so perverted as to dress up like a sissy baby, dresses and diapers and all, then I wouldn’t have anything would I? It also helped that you’re so enamored with yourself that you took the loveliest videos for me to find and take screenshots of, those have been a huge bonus. So now I have quite a bit of leverage, but I won’t misuse it, don’t worry! You won’t be winning any arguments from now on, and you will definitely be doing more around the house… I may even have to do your chores dressed in your silliest outfit. How about the dress that reminds me of Minnie Mouse? You can wear that and be my silly sissy maid. And if you do something that I don’t like, well… there’s no point even thinking about me showing your family and coworkers! I know you’ll do whatever I ask! What do you think about that? Call me for some blackmail phone sex and tell me.



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