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Trouble Part 7
June 4, 2016
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Diaper Punishment
June 9, 2016

Dear Ms Ava:

I wanted you to post this for me so that everyone knows what sissy I am who craves being dominated by a strong man who will control and humiliate me, especially in public.  Whenever I walk around in public, I look for men who might do this to me. I know that if I lived near you, I would be constantly asking you if you knew someone who would humiliate me in public, making me hold his hand or walking behind him, and telling everyone that I am his sissy.  Perhaps you could hire me to be your sissy housekeeper. You or your lovers would dress me in little sissy outfits, such as with ruffles and showing myself out as a shaved sissy.  I would be all dressed in pink.  My duties would include dusting and cleaning the toilets and bathrooms.  While cleaning the bathrooms I would have my head down at all times and be quiet.  If I made a noise, your boyfriend would bring me into the living room and, in front of you and your friends ask me what I did wrong. I would have to tell him in a sissy voice, and then curtsy to him- while you laughed at me.  He would spank me over his lap, and I would cry.  Then he would order me to walk outside dressed like that.  I would have to stay there until your lover was satisfied.  Then I would cook lunch or dinner for him and you and your friends, and serve you wearing nothing but an apron.  After dinner, I would massage the Master’s feet.  I would write love letters to him and you would post them publicly for me so that everyone would know I am a faggot.  I would be ordered to worship his body, starting with his feet and moving up to his magnificent cock, which I would kiss first before mouthing it and swallowing all his cum. With his cum in my mouth, he would spank me.  Then he would walk me in public dressed like a baby with a bonnet and take me to the park when I would have to call him Daddy. He would take me to a bondage store where i would have to ask the woman sales clerk if I could buy a collar with the words: COCKLOVER OR DICKLOVER on it, and then wear it all the time.  I would sign a lifetime bondage contract with one your lovers as well.



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