Glamorous White Aunty Sitting with Naked Pose
Messy Diaper Sunday
May 6, 2018
Sexy Women Showing Off Their Boobs and Cleavage
Mommy’s Good Boy
May 8, 2018

Despite your constant reassurances that you would behave yourself for Mommy Jackie, here you are again sobbing, confessing to your naughtiness and blubbering that it won’t happen again. But we both know what happens now. I told you over and over again what your sissy punishment would be from your sadistic mommy domme, yet you chose to disobey me and now here we are. You’re going to be stripped bare and redressed as a little sissy doll. Frilly dress, bonnet, stockings and gloves, and a lacy cover over your locked chastity cage. You’ll be blushing brighter than that cute pink skirt as we head to the mall. Don’t you dare protest, if you didn’t want this maybe you should have tried harder to obey Mommy Jackie. Dolled up from head to toe, you’re going to head into the department store on the opposite side of the mall. If anyone asks you for help you need to curtsy like the good little sissy you claim to be and ask for help finding new white stockings for yourself. Now get going, sissy.

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