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February 21, 2022
Mommy's Sexy Hot Look
Aunt Brenda ABDL Sammy Gets Penetrated In His Pampy
March 1, 2022


Some ABDL Fun: Mommy is so looking forward to some ABD fun with her little ones. Mommy’s sweet and very naughty diaper girls and boys just make mommy’s day so much better. Playing so much and so hard that everyone collapses in an exhausted heap, ready for a much-needed nap.

A little DDLG excitement is always a plus as well. My little diaper girls can be so mischievous; it seems every time I turn around, someone is putting something in their wet little pussies. It makes Mommy laugh to see such play. Also makes mommy very wet and turned on.

Mommy makes her way around the nursery, paying each and every little one some much-needed attention. Mommy Candy slides her fingers in and out of those spread pussies, moving from one to another. Sometimes she licked their sticky pussy juices off of her fingers; other times she rubbed those wet fingers over all those hard peepees. Mommy’s diaper boys just love when they get their peeps touched.

And sometimes mommy just can’t help herself, so she makes her way around on hands and knees, leaning down to lick and taste those cute little holes. From pussies to asses to peepee slits, mommy can’t get enough. In a room full of naughty little horny babies, mommy inevitably feels a tongue probe and lick her from behind. Then more tongues and fingers start exploring mommy’s pussycat and asshole.

Soon, mommy and all the little girls are lined up on hands and knees, as hard little peeps start penetrating us. All of our holes get used and filled. And before long, all those well-fucked holes start leaking sticky cadmium as load after load is emptied inside and on us. Moans and groans fill the room. Music to mommy’s ears.

The smell of diapers and sex in the air, intermingled with baby powder and diaper cream, makes mommy’s day. Mommy will have a nice mess to clean up when her little ones wake from their after-sex naps. Everyone will need a good wipedown and diapering after all the fun we had in the nursery.

Mommy feels the stickiness between her own thighs and recalls all the yummy fun we just enjoyed. Soon, mommy’s fingers are rubbing over her stimulated pussy and swollen clitoral area. Mommy sits in the rocking chair in the corner and finger-fucks herself as she watches you all sleep so peacefully.

Mommy squirts one last time before cleaning herself up. Mommy just loves her little ones so much. And the throbbing in mommy’s puss attests to that. Mommy and her little ones have endless adventures, and they always end with a bang.

Phoneamommy and join in the excitement. Mommy will take very good care of you, and mommy will make all your fantasies come true. You will become one of mommy’s special little ones, and we will have lots of ABC fun. Mommy Candy likes it all and will gladly fulfill any and all fetish desires. Just give mommy a call! Click Here

ABDL Mommy Candy


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