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September 12, 2019
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September 20, 2019
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Do you need to be berated for wearing abdl diapers? Worse yet, for having to wear them? Talked to an adult baby the other day, he’s supposed to be a man, thirty-eight years old and should have the self-control of one. No medical issue to speak of, no diaper kink, just that his potty training didn’t stick and he hasn’t been able to change that. He kept saying that accidents happen, it’s fine, and I know he was trying desperately to convince himself of that.  I made it clear just how pathetic and silly he was, by the end all he could was say sorry, over and over. I asked him what good does sorry do? Does it somehow magically give him control, making sure that there’s no way he could wet his diaper even while he’s trying to apologize for it? No. Some babies need to be coddled while others need to be mocked. Are you the latter? Call me for the diaper humiliation phone sex that you know you need.



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