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ABDL Mommy AND Daddy?!
November 17, 2019
What Kind of ABDL Are You?
November 24, 2019
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Sometimes a little enema discipline is exactly what an adult baby needs to remind them that it’s not a good thing to obey their mommy. The method of application can be important, since there are so many of them! There’s the enema bottles you buy at any grocery or drugstore, to the extra large enema bags that can hang off the wall. Salty ones, saline ones, or soapy hot water… as long as the end result is an abdl with a super messy diaper, it’s all good.  Add a pair of lockable plastic diaper covers that don’t come off until I am ready for them to come off, it’s even better. It doesn’t work for all babies (some love this!) but most don’t want to stay in a diaper like that for long, much less hours or even overnight.  For some it’s a better punishment than a spanking! Needing some disciplinary correction yourself? Call me for some discipline phone sex for what you deserve.



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