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November 26, 2021
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It all started early one evening…

We were sitting in the living room, each doing our own thing, not really talking to one another.  When I noticed a commercial playing on the T.V. across the room.  I stop what I am doing and start to pay attention to the ad.  The topic being discussed is the necessity of adult diapers.

This gets me thinking about how it would be nice to have a baby in the house again.  To have someone to play with and take care of, someone that needed a mommy.  I remember when I used to coddle and spoil you, and how you loved it.  I decide that instead of a baby in the house, what is really needed is an adult baby.

We used to be curious about infantilism and talked about the fun of it all.  Now I think would be the perfect time to have a little experiment.  During the next few weeks I will get everything I need for the transition.  Diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, bottles and so many other cute things for baby.

I recently saw a study about the effect of diaper hypnosis on making an adult feel and act like an infant or toddler again.  I gathered all the information I could find and decided to try out a few things on you.  That evening while we were relaxing and just hanging out, I slid a DVD into the playstation and told you I had a little surprise for you.

The mellow tones of the recording, along with the images flashing across the screen, caused you to drift off into a sound sleep.  As the recording continued to play, a voice instructed you to shed off all the years and trepidations and to embrace your childness.  Regressing you back to being a baby and needing to wear diapers.

With a few well placed words and thoughts, your mind is stripped of all the years after the age of one (1).  A diaper fetish is instilled in your mind as well.  The desire to be diapered and to use it just like a baby.  And to let mommy take care of you and all your needs.  I watch as you slowly become a helpless little one.

Come to mommy sweet baby.  Mommy leans down and scoops you up.  Better get you in a diaper before you have an accident and make a mess every where.  Mommy lays you down and lifts your legs into the air.  Mommy slides a thick soft diaper under your little butt, after a poofing of powder, mommy rubs the silkiness into your cheeks and all over your special little areas.  Then mommy closes up your diaper and fastens the tabs.

All done!  Now baby has a cute diaper on to catch any potty messes.  Mommy cradles you into her lap and holds you tight.  Patting your back and diapered bottom.  Cooing to you as I rock you back and forth.   Close your eyes sweet baby and go nini.

Mommy Candy


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