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Eric Has Some Diaper Fun With Mommy Amanda! (part 2)
November 30, 2022
You Belong To Candy
December 5, 2022




Spanked, Plugged and Pegged: That’s what mommy is going to do to you. Mommy is going to punish you properly for being a bad boy.  You thought you could misbehave and mommy wouldn’t find out, shame on you! And now you’re going to find out what happens to the naughty little ones.

Mommy has a special contraption made just for disciplining mischievous brats. Mommy will strip you of all your clothes and dignity. Mommy will put you in a thick diaper and lock you up in the diaper bag, so you will be at mommy’s mercy. Once mommy has you right where she wants you, she will pull your diaper halfway down your bottom.

Then mommy will take her paddle and use it on your backside, giving you a good hard spanking.  The crack of the paddle, the reddening of your butt cheeks, and the whimpers escaping your mouth, make mommy smile in anticipation.

With each smack of the paddle, mommy will lightly probe between your cheeks. Once mommy feels that hole start to loosen, she will slide a plug inside you. Then mommy will let you loose, and then mommy will bend you over. And that plug Mommy inserted inside your butthole is a vibrating one.

Mommy wants to get you nice and ready for the next part of your punishment.  The next step is mommy’s favorite.  Mommy will slide into something very special to use on you and your stretched hole.  Mommy has lots of strap-ons and mommy will enjoy every second of using one on you.

No matter how much you beg, mommy knows that you won’t learn your lesson properly if mommy doesn’t follow through.  And mommy has every intention of teaching you a valuable lesson.  Now, reach back and spread your cheeks wide.  Mommy then pulls the plug from you with one quick motion.

As soon as your empty hole gapes, mommy steps up behind you and slams her cock deep inside you. That’s right, it’s time for the pegging part. The best part, in mommy’s opinion, Mommy loves to grab a hold of your hips and shove in and out.  Thrusting hard and deep, fucking you faster and faster.

Mommy is going to make you squirt like a little girl.  There’s no hiding the fact that your little peepee gets excited when mommy reprimands you.  Dripping pre-cum all over.  Twitching and throbbing and ready to cum for mommy.  Balls needing to be emptied, that diaper waiting to be filled with sticky cummies.

So, remember if you are bad, or you misbehave or you do something naughty without permission, mommy will be ready to punish you over and over again.  Mommy never tires of making bad boys squeal.  Just the thought of it makes mommy wet with excitement and anticipation.

Once mommy is done fucking you, mommy will pull your diaper up and put you to bed.  Give you plenty of time to think about what you did and what mommy did to you.

Have you been a naughty little one? Click Here

Mommy Candy



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