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December 6, 2020
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Young Man Forced Into Diapers
December 6, 2020

I am not sure what has been going on lately, but I have been finding myself having to discipline more and more ABDLs lately.. You would think that with Christmas and Santa Claus right around the corner, that these little ones would be doing a better job at keeping their attitudes in line and minding their mommies. An adult baby is a special little creature, and they all have different quirks and needs, and even learning styles which need to be addressed in order for an ABDL mommy (or stepmommy, or daddy, etc) to be successful in disciplining their little ones! With the excitement of the holiday season, it seems like many of my usually well behaved little ones are finding the desire to cause all sorts of trouble and ignore or otherwise break my rules day in and day out! It is becoming exhausting, and I think that part of the issue is that perhaps I thought that they were more well behaved than they apparently are. That is my own negligence and naive thoughts that had me thinking in that way, but I have picked up on those naughty little ones at this point and it is time to put my foot down and put a stop to this nonsense once and for all. Humiliation is the one and only way to go in my opinion when you are dealing with extra naughty babies who are literally looking for trouble and things to get into around the house. I just love using public humiliation to really get those little ones realizing how far they have pushed my buttons to get to this point. What could be more eye opening than dragging one of my naughtiest babies out to the nearby public neighborhood park where all of the other mommies and babies go to play? Oh that does not seem so bad, does it? Well perhaps it will show its true intentions when I make it known that when we go on one of these walks, my baby is dressed up in full frilly pink sissy baby gear, and they are wearing a full stinky diaper sagging between their little legs. Showing up to a full park on a busy weekend with a diaper so full it is swaying back and forth with each step is bad. Couple that with the terribly smell hitting everyone’s noses and it gets worse. Add the bright pink eye catching sissy outfit and this is an afternoon that even my worst behaved babies will not be able to just simply let roll off of their back. I see their eyes fill with tears when the little girl from next door catches a glimpse of the inside of that full, nasty, poopy, disposable adult baby diaper that I had to take the time to open up and get a look.

Stepmommy Tawny
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