When Mommy’s Away
August 28, 2022
You Belong In Diapers
September 4, 2022



Stuffie Fun: When baby gets excited playing with her stuffed animals, she just can’t help herself. A little fun buzz time while squirming in her diaper and rubbing her stuffed animals. Soon, the rubbing shifts from the soft plush to the crinkly diaper. Before long, there will be more than warm pee in that diaper.

Mommy just loves catching peeks of you playing with your toys. Hearing your little moans and gasps as you get closer to squirting in your diaper Diaper sex is always fun, especially when mommy watches. Your eyes are closed and your legs are shaking as you get more and more excited.

Watching mommy’s little diaper girl gets mommy wet, too. Mommy’s pants are soon drenched. A sigh escapes mommy’s lips, causing you to open your eyes quickly. As soon as you see mommy watching you masturbate, you throw your head back and cum so hard in your diaper.

You lay there panting, a look of pure bliss on your cute little face. Mommy makes her way into the room and lays down next to your trembling body. Mommy slides her hand into the top of your soaked diaper. Feeling your sticky pussy juices on mommy’s fingertips.

Mommy pulls her hand from your diapered crotch and sucks her damp fingers into her mouth. Tasting your yummy pussy That young, creamy puss tastes so good. Mommy unfastens your diaper and spreads your limber thighs wide. As you shift on the bed, scooting down, mommy slides to the end of the bed and dives face-first into that beautiful snatch.

As mommy pushes her tongue deep inside you, you groan out loud. It’s like music to mommy’s ears. And causes mommy to throb in all her most intimate places. Mommy grasps your thighs and pulls you tighter against Mommy’s face.

Mommy just loves the taste of her little adult baby. Especially after you’ve been playing and making creamy messes in your diaper. Mommy knows how much you love your stuffies and how much you love to ride them and bounce up and down on them, causing your diaper to rub against your sensitive pussies and clitoral area.

Then mommy gets to lick you clean. Taste every delicious drop of your orgasm. And then making you squirt all over mommy’s face and tongue. Mommy swallows as much as she can, then licks your cunt juices off her lips before giving you a kiss and pushing her tongue into your eager mouth.

Taste yourself, and now taste mommy. Mommy straddles your head, squatting on the bed over your face. Mommy slowly lowers herself to your open mouth, her pussy swollen and glistening. Mommy rocks against your face from nose to chin, feeling your hot breath and wet tongue as you start eating and licking mommy’s dripping pussies.

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