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Pizza for Dinner
October 3, 2016
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Mommy isn’t very happy
October 12, 2016
Now come here  to your Abdl mommy and get your present! Mommy bought it just for you! Look at the pretty wrapping paper! What could it be? Here you go, sweet Adult baby girl. I watch as she undoes the pink bow on top, followed by ripping the paper off the present. Then opens the box and pulls out 3 containers of wipes, a baby doll and some beautiful dresses along with match shoes, and bows! Which dress do you want mommy to put on you? The pink poofy one? Or the purple short poofy one? Purple it is sweet baby! So we walk to the room and I take off her nightgown and slide on her beautiful purple dress, and then I ask her to get on changing table so we can change her adult diaper! We move the dress out of the way and undo the left tape and right tapes then we fold it down Wanna know what’s next call me for some ABDL Phone Sex!
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