Adult Baby Diaper wearing the hot baby diaper
Silly Baby Got Caught!
October 1, 2020
Adult Diaper girl sleeping on her mom lap
Naughty Nap Time
October 4, 2020

Aww, I see that cute little face of yours peeking out from over the top of the sofa… You should know better than to be trying to sneak out of the nursery when you know good and well that mommy put you in a time out. Oh, you say you don’t remember what you got in trouble for? You know good and well that you are being punished for trying to hide that full poopy diaper you are wearing! I can smell it from all the way over here, even though you know mommy can see you! Come out from behind that couch and stand in front of mommy like a good little diaper girl. Now, I want you to turn around slowly for mommy so that I can get a good look at that stinky saggy diaper. Don’t act ashamed now, little one. Every abdl girl knows that filling up their diaper is exactly what mommy wants. But you can’t try and hide it! We don’t want the house getting all stinky. And you already have a poopy mess starting to leak out of that thick disposable princess diaper mommy put on you. That was hours ago and you were long overdue for a diaper change before you ever got caught hiding your mess! Come with me, we need to get this messy diaper girl all clean for mommy. Up we go onto the changing table where all of my supplies are close by and ready for this job! Let’s get you laid back and nice and comfy so mommy can open up that stinky diaper. Oh my goodness… even worse than I thought! You must have waited so long before mommy caught you waddling around with this messy diaper on! Naughty naughty! But I think that the time I spent having you sit in this sloppy stinky mess was torture enough for you, don’t you agree? Mommy does not want my little baby girl getting chapped and diaper rashed cheeks, after all! We taught you a lesson it seems… I do not think that I will find you trying to keep a messy poopy diaper on any longer than you have to! Now, let’s get plenty of baby wipes and throw this messy diaper away so that I can get to work cleaning you up. We wipe and wipe to make sure that your cute little bottom is squeaky clean. Then the best part! We get to take a tube of diaper cream and rub it on nice and slow. I know you love how it feels when mommy touches you! We can’t forget the baby powder, and let’s put a nice good bit on there making baby girl smell so sweet and clean! Oh, you did start out in a heap of trouble, but you are so cute and mommy just loves our special diaper changes that we get to have!

Mommy Candy

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