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August 8, 2022
ABDL diaper girl with hand in diaper

Amanda’s Pussy Is Delicious

Amanda’s Pussy Is Delicious: I want you to be my little Abdl and allow me to be your Milf, who will give you the hot and steamy mommy phone sex that you so desire. It is nothing but hot and spicy sexy thoughts that I want to give to you. Whether you call me at night or in the day, I want you to play with me in every single way. I will be your mother and your lover. I will be with you in the bed with the warm blanket as we hide under the covers. You will touch me, and I will touch you, and I will make sure that what we do is special and just so sweet. You need to know that my pussy is delicious, and you will have to […]
August 8, 2022
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Amanda Tasted The Piss On Ken’s Tongue

Amanda Tasted The Piss On Ken’s Tongue: I am reminiscing about the time when a cute and adorable adult baby diaper lover named Ken called up a mommy and asked to speak with me. It is always such a flattering thing when an ABL selects me after reading my profile and seeing what I am all about. I don’t know if it is ego or if it is pride, but it is something that I love very much. And when it comes to sweet Ken, there is always something sexy and forbidden about our sexual roleplay, and that is something that I immensely enjoy, and apparently, so did Ken. Ken is an enthusiast of the abdl lifestyle, and he is so diverse that he does not mind what my creative mind comes up with. I […]
August 1, 2022
abdl mommy topless

Brenda Beats Brad’s Bottom

Brenda Beats Brad’s Bottom: Brian loves to be difficult and not follow the rules. If you tell him to jump, instead of asking how high, he will just decide to walk or sit down. He is a rebellious abdl who likes to disregard authority and do his own thing, and I know that his underlying agenda is to have his bottom beaten. He always puts a little smirk on his face when he gets into trouble because he knows what is coming next. As I sit at the end of the couch and place my knees together, I ushered him to bend over my knees, and I take my bare hands and beat his bottom over and over again. He pressed his penis against my thighs, and I felt his little noodle get hard as […]
July 31, 2022
abdl boy in onesie

Aunt Brenda Fucks Her ABDL In The Closet

Aunt Brenda Fucks Her ABDL In The Closet: It really doesn’t matter to me that you are at work and you have an office full of staff. I will do what I want and show up at your job so we can play. Your company decided that it was a brilliant idea to put a little glass partition by the door, but they were dumb enough to put a closet out of sight, and that is what I will be focusing on so we can fuck. Stop being so damn nervous, because we are going to do like Marvin Gaye and “get it on.” I know that I lied to your secretary and told her that I was your aunt in order for me to get in here. She was such a sweetheart, and she […]
July 24, 2022
ABDL girl playing with her pussy

Amanda Wants Her Asshole And Pussy Licked

Amanda Wants Her Asshole And Pussy Licked: There are many erotic phone lines out there, but when it comes to quality, this phone sex company is the best there is. I love what I do, and I look at it more than phone sex work. To me, it is a lifestyle, as I get to do what I enjoy, and my adult baby diaper lovers enjoy it too. I love to change dirty diapers when they become so soggy and full, and the way that it makes my diaper boy and diaper girl feel is nothing short of magical. Phone sex jobs are not for everyone, but I know how to connect with my callers, and it does not matter how far away they are from me. Someone could be overseas in another part of […]
July 24, 2022
ABDL Mommy's Pussy Showing

Amanda’s Maid Orgasms In Her Lap

Amanda’s Maid Orgasms In Her Lap: When it “comes” to abdl bdsm, milf phone sex, or mature phone sex, I tend to be a chameleon of sorts, where I can do whatever feels right, depending on my mood at the moment. Whatever boy or girl I choose to play with just happens to also be according to my mood. I had a maid who decided to work for me after I hired her based on her resume that I saw online. As soon as I met with her in person, she had such difficulty holding a conversation with me that it was apparent that she had totally falsified her resume. That was when I confronted her with it, and she started to cry and beg me on her knees for the job. I told her […]
July 18, 2022
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Brenda’s Adult Baby Spills Jizzum On Her Toes

  Brenda’s Adult Baby Spills Jizzum On Her Toes: I am Auntie Brenda, and I am here to take care of you if you are an adult baby or you want to be one. It is not everyone who can take care of a person if they are an ab/dl, as infantilism is very special and only a select few know how to treat adult babies. I will be the one to decide what brand and type of diaper you will wear, as it is important that your diaper fit your personality. If you are shy and an introvert, you may not want everyone to know that you are wearing a diaper, so a nice and quiet cloth diaper would suffice. If you are a little more bold and brave and you like a little […]
July 17, 2022
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Brenda Has An ABDL With A Fetish

Brenda Has An ABDL With A Fetish: My ABDL Mel has a fetish, and he loves every single bit of it. He loves so much to be treated like a baby, and the favorite part of our son and mommy roleplay is when I give him my boobies to suck. His fetish is to be breastfed and sung to while it is happening. This breastfeeding fetish of his is more than what it seems; it is his source of life, his nourishment, his protein from mommy, and it makes him feel so good. Having his mouth open up and his lips wrap around my juicy areolas as he socks on them for dear life and also for comfort, makes both of us feel so good! I love making him feel so safe and secure, and […]
July 10, 2022
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Amanda Gives Her Sub A Pissy Drink From Her Pussy

Amanda Gives Her Sub A Pissy Drink From Her Pussy: I like to change it up every now and then and surprise my adult baby diaper lovers. It is good to keep things fresh so that our role-playing does not become dry, stale, and boring. One of the things that I enjoy doing is engaging in the world of bdsm sex, where this bdsm lifestyle is on the side of what others call kink bdsm. Yes, I am a very loving and nurturing mommy, and that is totally fine, but there are days where I want to be the mommy that is dommy and make sure that I have a freaky fucking time with my abdls. Last night, for example, was one of those wild rides where I blindfolded one of my kids and he […]