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October 23, 2021
Mommy's Son Hot Nipple

Amanda Spanks Bob By The Pandas

  I, Mommy Amanda took Bob to my favorite place which was the zoo to see the cute animals dressed in his onesie and pacifier.  It was Bob’s first time there and he was so impressed with all of the lovely animals. He saw the cute penguins in their little compartment behind a glass and he smiled at them as they waddled around their icy cage.  He walked around with me to see a plethora of animals until for some reason he decided to pause next to the pandas.  I looked at him and asked him what the reason was that he paused in front of the pandas and he told me that the pandas caused him to piss and poop. I looked at him and told him if he forgot the discussion that we […]
October 18, 2021
Mommy's Breast Feeding Sex

Mommy Vicky Teases Darren Her ABDL With Her Sweet Tits

Darren my adult baby diaper lover who has been my abdl for several years now, enjoys our mom roleplay.  When we play together it is so out of this world for him, primarily because it brings him lots of satisfaction to have his face buried between my sweet breasts while he fulfills his breastfeeding fetish. It is not just mommy son sex with him, it is much deeper than that. I like to tease him first by putting on a lime green see through shirt with my nipples poking out.  I will walk around the house like this all day long and he would not be allowed to touch me at all. He would be so tempted and beg and I would ignore all of his pleas.  My juicy tits would bounce back and forth […]
October 8, 2021
A Diaper Man Sitting In The Chair

Amanda’s ABDL Freddy Sucks Off Her Strap-on Dipstick

My diaper lover Freddy got his rosy-colored lipstick all over my dildo dipstick. My dildo is the dipstick that I told him to suck. He did not expect for me to take control and tell him what to do. He just followed along as a passive little puppy and if he had a tail he would wag it. Sometimes it is so rewarding for others to be told what to do because it turns them on so much. Freddy is my long time experienced adult baby diaper lover that will do everything to please me and remain in my good graces but that had to come with consequences. Sucking on my stiff and spongy dildo cock was one of the first things that he had to do to prove himself to me. As I made […]
October 2, 2021
Diaper Girl Hot Look

Aunt Brenda’s Hot and Sexy Phone Sex Session With ABDL Brennon

Adult Baby Diaper Lover Brennon called me for the first time on the phoneamommy sex hotline and he was obviously very nervous.  He had a plethora of fantasies and fetishes that he wanted to talk to me about and he was rather ashamed of them.  I made him tell me where he was in his home and he told me that he was in the kitchen and I told him to move to a room where he would be more comfortable.  He moved to the bedroom and laid on the bed.  I asked him what he was wearing and he told me that he had on a diaper as he loved diapers and there was a reason he called while wearing the diapers. I asked him to share with me why he had the diapers […]
September 13, 2021
An Adult Nude Dick

Lathan – Aunt Brenda’s Nephew & Friends Get Fucked With Strap-Ons

Lathan is my young and handsome nephew and I have been molesting him for years. In the beginning, he was hesitant as I am his aunt, but deep down inside I knew that this was something that he always wanted. He confirmed this as he told me that he always wanted me but he was too shy and embarrassed to tell me. Eventually he came around to becoming comfortable and let his hair down and today we freely both engage in sex talk, sex acts – whether deviant or so called “normal”  that is so erotic and hot. It is one of the things that he looks forward to when he visits me, and with me he knows that there are no limitations to what topics we discuss or participate in. As my only nephew, […]
September 13, 2021
Mommy's Daughter Hot Masturbate

MILF Fucking Fun With My Twin ABDL Babies

  A stepmom like me loves to have mom phone sex with my adult baby diaper lovers.  It is important that as an abdl mom that knows how to make my babies happy.  There are so many ways that I do that. I want them to know that I love them. One of my favorite things to do with my baby is to get into a nice warm bath with them and I wash their parts. They are twin boys with everything the same – they have matching cocks and balls and even their tongues are the same length.  I love to take my hands and with the soapy bath water glide my hand around their cocks and balls and I get so excited when I feel their balls getting tight and their cocks getting […]
September 6, 2021
Mommy's Diaper Adult Girl

London’s Baby Girl Nu-Nu Loves Her Mommy Sex

Nu-Nu and I just arrived at our vacation home and it is where we can have all of the indoor and outdoor space needed for us to thoroughly explore each other and revisit sexual scenarios that we have not explored in a long time.  When we travel overseas things are a bit looser with the local laws, so if we fuck in the front or back yard – the locals won’t be calling the police on us for indecent exposure.  I can fuck her, suck her, lick her, spank her and stick her all I want with no interruptions. We walked into the vacation home and I set up all of the supplies that I needed for when we were going to play later.  I added the diapers, pacifiers, baby wipes, bibs, onesies, panties, baby […]
August 2, 2021
An Adult Men Urine Passed On The Diaper With Also Doing Masturbate

Diaper Sex Rex Sent Step-Mommy Tawny A Text For Phone Sex

I was on the absolutely Phoneamommy website and I clicked into the menu tab for the chat room. When I entered I was chatting with other mommies and babies and having a great time in the main chat room. Out of the blue, and totally unexpected, my step son Rex popped in and saw my profile logged on the main chat and PMed me to ask if I wanted to have hot and dirty diaper sex with him.  I was quite surprised because we always flirted with each other but we had not taken it further before – at least until today. He is such a prankster that I thought that he was kidding around, but he told me that he was serious. He set up everything with the friendly dispatcher at Phoneamommy and we […]
January 23, 2021
Hot Sexy Boy Putting the pant

Aunt Brenda’s ABDL Boy Toy

I have a new hot gardener as my previous one retired from the landscaping company that I used for years and he moved to another state. This new gardener showed up this morning as discussed the night before on the phone with his boss. He was on-time, bright and early and began doing the necessary work on my lawn. I watched him from my kitchen and saw him working so hard and he took off his shirt when he began to get so sweaty. The weather was brisk, yet it was not fully cold and he was still full of tiny sweaty clear droplets that just danced all the way down his young, tight and toned body.  Every time he picked up a shovel and dug into the ground his young body flexed and released […]