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November 20, 2021
Mommy's Sexy Girl Sitting with Diaper Look

ABDL Diaper Girl Stacey

    My name is Stacey and I am an abdl girl.  That means I am an adult baby diaper lover.  I choose to wear diapers for fun, not because of a medical reason.  I have been wearing and using diapers for so long, that I just go potty in them with no thought at all.  It just happens now without my control.  Good thing I wear my diapers 24/7. I love the way the diaper fits to my body perfectly.  It’s so soft and crinkly.  When I crawl up into mommy or daddy’s lap, the best feeling is their hand squeezing my diaper and rubbing it against my little bottom and pussy.  I can’t help myself then and I start moaning and soon I squirt in my diaper. I love sitting in my full […]
November 20, 2021
Diaper Girl With Sleeping Masturbate

Fun With Stacey

    I’m Baby Stacey and I am an ABDL, an adult baby diaper lover.  I just love to wear and use diapers.  And I definitely love to play in my diapers.  There’s nothing better than a soft thick diaper wrapped around me like a warm hug from mommy.  I love when mommy checks my diaper, squeezing it against my most intimate areas. And when I use my diaper, it feels so good.  The warm pee spreading through my diaper makes me very excited.  I can’t help myself when I feel that squishy diaper rubbing against my little pussy, I get so wet that I start grinding in my soggy diaper. Diapers are perfect for all my messes, pee, poopy, and creamy cummies. I enjoy playing in my diapers so much, would you like to […]
November 20, 2021

Amanda Is Here To Satisfy Your Erotic Fantasies

  I know that some of you are going through something where it is allowing you to be tossing and turning right now in your beds and I know exactly the reason why.  You have gone to bed without feeling that you accomplished what you should have accomplished prior. I am a bit of an overachiever and it is my duty to make sure that you went to bed all nice and content.  Remember, Rome was not built in a day” is what the expression is. What you need to accomplish is giving me a call now so you can see what can be when we role play our erotic fantasies. Do you want to see me in diapers just like you or do you want to have me kiss your penis and fondle your […]
November 20, 2021
Diaper Girl With Tiny Boobs

Amanda Makes Casheena Feel So Special And Loved

Casheena is one that requires diaper therapy on a regular basis, not just for fun or for comfort but for mental stability.  She was forced at a very young age by her biological mother to wean herself off of diapers at a premature age when all of her peers at time were still in diapers.  Her mother would be brutally harsh and puish her intensely when she was out of her diapers and wearing panties that she would inadvertently soil.  It was not only piss that streamed down her legs as it flowed like hot coffee down her legs, it was also an intense barrage of runny diarrhea that she would emit from her tight shithole.  She was not ready to be responsible, she should have been able to delay the potty training moment for […]
November 8, 2021
White Adult Baby Diaper For Horny Man

Brenda’s Adult Baby Diaper Lover Loves Phone Sex Hypnosis

My Adult Baby Diaper Lover Prim needed to be in a mindset where he would learn how to wet his diaper without thinking much about it.  He wants to be a helpless and vulnerable little baby permanently and wet himself without thinking about it.  He was so sick and tired of always having to put his mind on releasing himself – day and night and it came to the point where it caused him a lot of annoyance and frustration.  He would have his thick and crinkly disposable diaper on at work and when it was time for him to release it would happen when he physically walked into the bathroom and tried to force it out. He just could not take it anymore so he reached out to me, his abdl mom Brenda and […]
November 7, 2021
Big Ass Horny Girl Using Adult Baby Diaper

Nanny London Will Put You In Your Diaper

I am Nanny London and my abdl is named Clair.  When Clair and I initially connected it was because she needed a mommy, but not just any mommy – she needed one that was also a nanny so that is why she reached to me right away via telephone at the best phone sex company in the world at phone a mommy. She did not have a mommy when she was younger as she was abandoned as a child and had to be raised by her granny.  Initially I thought that she was looking for granny phone sex when she told me about her childhood past but after speaking to her she relayed to me that I was what she needed.  It is important to know that just as a nanny/mommy chooses her baby the […]
November 6, 2021
abdl mommy

Mommy Amanda Has Hot and Sexy Fun With ABDL Jerry

I am Amanda and I am a mommy who works at phone a mommy and I am happy that you took the time to call me, Jerry so we can role-play and have a lot of fun.  As an adult baby diaper lover, I know that you can enjoy a lot of things that we can do together. If you want to pretend that I am a sexy and sultry granny, then there is no issue with that as we can do granny phone sex. If you want to have me tie your little penis up, also known as your clitty cock in either rubber bands or have you lock yourself up all nice and tight in a cock cage,  we can engage in diaper bdsm roleplay.  Whatever I can think of we will do […]
October 25, 2021
Hot Boy Showing Cocks

Step Mommy Tawny Steps Into The Shower With Her Step Son

  My stepson has always been the sexiest fuck that I have ever had. Beautiful face and body and a charming personality to top it all off.  Today, I decided to step into the shower with him and, boy oh boy was he beyond excited! I knew he felt me when I got into the shower.  He specifically felt my soft and pretty tits against is back.  I looked down at his dick, even though his back was facing me and I saw hoe hard and stiff he was. I simply could not resist, I simply had to grab it.  So I took my hand and grabbed his hard penis and I proceeded to lowly jerk it up and down for him. The way the shower drops fell on his beautiful body, especially his penis, […]
October 18, 2021
Mommy's Licking Pussy

London’s ABDL Jenny Takes It In The Ass With Pleasure

Jenny likes abdl bdsm roleplay and that is because this is what I forced her to enjoy.  She started off with me as a newbie and she was not familiar at all with al sorts of abdl bdsm kink.  It was my pleasure to teach her the amount of pleasure that she can enjoy in her role as a submissive and she has loved it ever since. Initially, she called me on the phoneamommy line and she was looking to have MILF phone sex. She wanted someone who has a bit of age on them as she is so young so she was looking for mature phone sex and that is when she found me and I was exactly what she was looking to find and she was exactly what I was looking for.  So […]