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October 18, 2021

Call Mommy Vicky Today

I know that you want to have fun and I know that you want to play and that is exactly why you need to call Mommy Vicky today.  You have been waiting for too long and you have not been strong so you need to this right away.  I love to have fun and I really love to play so get ready to call me so please don’t delay.  I love to have plushies and bottles around and even some paci’s in the playpen on the ground.  We can sing songs and use toys to play as when you are with me, Mommy Vicky – plan to have the very best day.  I love to play with ABDLS as they are the best in the world and I don’s care if the ABDL is a […]
October 18, 2021

Nanny London Is Here For You

I am Nanny London and I am here for you. I can be your nanny or I can be your mommy.  No matter what we chose to do, it will be something that you will enjoy.   I love to feed you my breasts and from them you will drink and suck my sweet mammary glands. I will hold you in my arms so gently and rock you back ad forth and I will make you feel like the most loved baby in the entire world.  When you are in my arms surrounded by my sweet breasts you will be so coddled and protected. Nothing will bother you anymore, I will make sure of it and I will be more than happy to separate your diaper from the side so that I can use my hand […]
October 18, 2021
Mommy's Breast Feeding Sex

Mommy Vicky Teases Darren Her ABDL With Her Sweet Tits

Darren my adult baby diaper lover who has been my abdl for several years now, enjoys our mom roleplay.  When we play together it is so out of this world for him, primarily because it brings him lots of satisfaction to have his face buried between my sweet breasts while he fulfills his breastfeeding fetish. It is not just mommy son sex with him, it is much deeper than that. I like to tease him first by putting on a lime green see through shirt with my nipples poking out.  I will walk around the house like this all day long and he would not be allowed to touch me at all. He would be so tempted and beg and I would ignore all of his pleas.  My juicy tits would bounce back and forth […]
October 16, 2021
Hot Adult Diaper

Tell Mommy What You Would Like To Do To Her

    Mommy knows you have been thinking naughty thoughts about her.  Mommy can see it in your eyes, not to mention that hard cock every time mommy is around.  How about we start slow?  Mommy doesn’t want to scare you.  Since Halloween is coming up, mommy has the perfect costume for you.  Mommy will strip you down and make you her little baby for the night. Gives mommy an excuse to strip you naked and then lay you down and slowly diaper you up.  Mommy will rub you all over with baby lotion, then lift your legs into the air and slide a soft thick diaper under your cute little butt.  Then mommy will very slowly rub baby powder all over your bottom, between your cheeks and all over that hard peepee and those […]
October 10, 2021
A White Diaper With Old Man

Playful Mommy Vicky Makes Grandpa Suck His Finger

Grandpa tried diaper hypnosis with me, playful mommy Vicky and I taught him everything that the needed to know from head to toe. He has been hiding this feeling for such a long time from Grandma and he is so glad that he can finally express himself without shame and in totality to me that he wants to suck his finger.  Putting his finger in his mouth made him feel safe, comfortable and he felt at home. But I wanted to make sure that I did more than was expected when he has to suck on his finger. I made him put his thumb right inside of my pussy and turn it around and capture all of my slimy juices.   I did not want him to miss out on my messy twat’s milk going on […]
October 9, 2021
Mommy's Diaper Sex Girl

Become A Diapered Adult Baby Just Like Me

    Through diaper hypnosis, you can become an adult baby diaper lover just like me, Baby Stacey.  Then we can play in our diapers together and have all sorts of yummy fun.  I just love using my diapers and it’s so exciting when mommy changes my dirty diaper.  Mommy knows exactly what to do. I am an abdl girl that loves to be babied by mommy and daddy.  I am a very good girl but sometimes I like being a bad little naughty girl.  And that means spankings sometimes.  And shhh don’t tell mommy and daddy, but I like spankings.  Makes me get all wet and turned on when I get smacks to my cute little butt. Even if the spankings are on my abdl diaper instead of my bare bottom.  But I definitely […]
October 8, 2021
A Diaper Man Sitting In The Chair

Amanda’s ABDL Freddy Sucks Off Her Strap-on Dipstick

My diaper lover Freddy got his rosy-colored lipstick all over my dildo dipstick. My dildo is the dipstick that I told him to suck. He did not expect for me to take control and tell him what to do. He just followed along as a passive little puppy and if he had a tail he would wag it. Sometimes it is so rewarding for others to be told what to do because it turns them on so much. Freddy is my long time experienced adult baby diaper lover that will do everything to please me and remain in my good graces but that had to come with consequences. Sucking on my stiff and spongy dildo cock was one of the first things that he had to do to prove himself to me. As I made […]
October 2, 2021
Diaper Girl Hot Look

Aunt Brenda’s Hot and Sexy Phone Sex Session With ABDL Brennon

Adult Baby Diaper Lover Brennon called me for the first time on the phoneamommy sex hotline and he was obviously very nervous.  He had a plethora of fantasies and fetishes that he wanted to talk to me about and he was rather ashamed of them.  I made him tell me where he was in his home and he told me that he was in the kitchen and I told him to move to a room where he would be more comfortable.  He moved to the bedroom and laid on the bed.  I asked him what he was wearing and he told me that he had on a diaper as he loved diapers and there was a reason he called while wearing the diapers. I asked him to share with me why he had the diapers […]
September 25, 2021
Adult Girl Shows Hot Boobs

Call Baby Stacey For Some Yummy Fun

Call me, Baby Stacey and let’s have so much fun playing.  Mommy won’t mind if we get a little naughty, I promise.  We can talk about anything with no repercussions.  Any and all fetishes are welcome, so don’t feel nervous about your kinky desires.  I would love to hear all about what gets you excited. So pick up that phone and call right away, the sooner we get started the more fun we will have.  And mommy just loves watching us play together.  Especially when we touch each other and make one another moan in pleasure.  I just love playing with your hard peepee as you slide your hand into my diaper. At phoneamommy there’s more than just mommies to enjoy.  Us diaper girls like to get nasty and sticky also.  And I like it […]