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August 16, 2021

Worship Your Mistress Scarlet And Do It Now

Sissies, Submissive, Babies and Bitches – You have a duty – an obligation and that is to worship me, Mistress Scarlet. Let’s be real about this – you were meant to follow and not to lead.  You have to follow me as you don’t know the way that you ought to go.  You don’t even know who you are, so I am the one that has to teach you on the path that you have to go. But, don’t think that you are going on that path clothed, for you need to appear naked and vulnerable before me.  If I choose to, I will diaper you – but that it all up to me.  Until then, hold it all in until you feel like your bladder is going to burst and then I will see […]
August 16, 2021
Young Guy With A Hard Dick Holding His Balls

Six Wanted Hot and Erotic Phone Sex From Mommy Scarlet

Six wanted hot and erotic phone sex from me, his Mommy Scarlet because he knows that when we engage in phone sex it is the best mom fuck that Six can get when he and I are on the phone. When I talk to him when he is at work and he get stressed out – talking to me is what he needs to de-stress and feel good. I love it when he tells me that he closes the fancy white blinds in his glass windows office so no one can see and then he locks the door.  He tells his assistant to hold all of his calls so he can get that personal attention that he needs from me. I tell him to pull up on his phone various sexy sites to get his […]
August 16, 2021

Step Mommy Tawny Is Here For Incest Role Play

I am Tawny and I am a step mommy that is here to play with you in the sexiest way.  I will role play with you with incest play and we can do all of the naughtiest things when daddy leaves town.  Let’s just play with each other when he is gone and I know that you will show me that you are a better fuck than him.  The way that you will bend me over the bed on the side that he sleeps on and take me from behind, really turns me on. The way that you will fuck me in each orifice is what I want us to do.  Give it to me in my mouth and I will make sure that I lick it long and watch it get hard. I want […]
August 13, 2021
An Adult Diaper Girl Licked Her Finger With Leying

Amanda’s ABDL Son Adam Loves Her Sweet Tits

Every morning I awake, it is to the wonderful feeling of my abdl son Adam sucking on my warm and sweet breasts.  He can’t help it, he is drawn to them as a moth to a flame.  I know that I am a hot milf, the way that my hair, lips and body is – so milf sex is expected when I have all of the elements that my darling Adam wants, desires and needs.  Whenever he starts sucking, I make sure to feel for his cock and his balls.  Though my eyes are closed, I can sense exactly where to feel to find his sweet boyhood and it’s jewels with my perfectly manicured fingers.  I enjoy his moans in my ear as he sucks so passionately against my delightful breasts as I stroke him […]
August 9, 2021
Mommy's Daughter Shows Hot Breast Feeding Look

Mommy London’s Breasts Were Made For Sucking

Breasts, that are on my body are carefully placed there by nature to have my adult baby diaper lovers feed.  I have what they need and they have no choice but to feed. When you have what they need, you solidify the place you have in their lives and the role that you play as their caregiver, nurturer and mother.  I will nurse abdl baby girls and abdl baby boys and give them gentle loving care.  Each of my breasts must be sucked to make sure that there is an even amount of milk for them to swallow.  Once they latch on, I will know when they have had enough and I will ease them off gently. Not just that, I am also the means for them to sleep as my breasts serve multiple purposes […]
August 2, 2021
Adult Diaper men sucking the Baby Nipple

Aunt Brenda’s Age Regressed ABDL Geoffrey Is Forced To Drink His Milk

Abdl age regression is what I know that Geoffrey needs.  There are just so many signs that he gives off that tells me that this is right up his alley.  He pretends to be an adult that has his life together, but I know better.  The part of him that he shows to me is his representative and it is not the true part of him.  I see right through the smoke screen that he displays to me when we interact and I am not going to wait any longer for him to reveal his true self to me.  I invited him over to dinner tonight and he showed up with a bouquet of roses.  I thought that they were very nice, yet – they are still a part of the smoke screen that he […]
August 2, 2021
An Adult Men Urine Passed On The Diaper With Also Doing Masturbate

Diaper Sex Rex Sent Step-Mommy Tawny A Text For Phone Sex

I was on the absolutely Phoneamommy website and I clicked into the menu tab for the chat room. When I entered I was chatting with other mommies and babies and having a great time in the main chat room. Out of the blue, and totally unexpected, my step son Rex popped in and saw my profile logged on the main chat and PMed me to ask if I wanted to have hot and dirty diaper sex with him.  I was quite surprised because we always flirted with each other but we had not taken it further before – at least until today. He is such a prankster that I thought that he was kidding around, but he told me that he was serious. He set up everything with the friendly dispatcher at Phoneamommy and we […]
July 26, 2021
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Paris – The Naughty, Hot And Slutty DDLG

Paris is a ddlg who loves to be naughty. Her daddy will tell her to do a specific thing and just to be disobedient she will not listen to him and do the opposite of what he said. She was told from her Daddy that she should not enjoy her punishments and that is when she asked him how he knew that she was enjoying her punishments.  That is when he told her that her pussy was leaking a ton of juices on his leg and she would giggle after he said that.  She was a natural born masochist and an abdl and spankings were what she loved the most.  Getting naked for Daddy and doing kinky things is what she felt she was meant to do. Her Daddy knew that she was such a […]
July 26, 2021
A boy Wearing The Very Dirty leaky diaper

Abdl Shows Off His Messy Diapers!

Greg looked around, double checking to make sure that he had everything that he needed for the call he was about to make, though this was more from excited nerves than having a lot to look for. He already had his diaper on (and nothing else on but that), had a small massage vibrator, and he had been holding in a bowel movement for long enough for that pressure to be just on the side of getting uncomfortable. That was all he needed for a scat phone sex call, after all. Then it didn’t take more than a few minutes for him to make the call to phoneamommy and then he was all set for a Skype session with his favorite Aunt Brenda. He absolutely loved how she teased him, making him blush so hard […]