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March 22, 2021
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Jay Enjoyed His Shit – My Way

Jay and I have been talking for a while about all of the kinky fantasies that he wanted us to try out together and the arousal has been building up for a long time now. He knows that when we play it is limitless and as his abdl mommy we can do whatever I say we can do. He was just getting over a divorce when he came to me, we initially met on the phone sex line and we dabbled in abdl chat to get to know one another better.  He was new to the world of abdl and he wanted the work up the courage to explore everything that he could and that is when I told him that abdl hypnosis will be a great way to start. Before we delved into a […]
March 15, 2021
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Hide and Seek Fun With My Sexy Stepson

My stepson wanted to feel young again because he said that it was a long time since I played with him and he feels that we have somehow distanced ourselves from each other. I told him that in life with business, family responsibilities and other things it is something that can happen to the best of us.  He thought that it would be fun if we did something that was totally not the norm for us and he said that we should play a game of hide and seek. I laughed because it was a long time ago that I played this game with him as he was so young at the time and now that he was 20 years old, I thought that it was a great idea and that it could bring back […]
March 14, 2021
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Aunt Brenda Knows Best

When you first called me up you were so nervous, paranoid and scared.  You said that you pondered about this for hours and you were not sure what you should do.  You had these desires and fantasies on the inside that you wanted to bring to the surface to explore and you tried to work up your nerves several times in the past and you would give up. Whether it was fear of the unknown or something else, you just knew that this part of you needed to be nurtured.  You have always been a ddlg ever since you were younger but you always felt that back then that served it purpose and now you wanted to be an abdl baby who played with an aunt.  It was at that moment that you worked up […]
March 11, 2021
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Daddy’s Good Girl

    Daddy came home early to find his little princess busy in the kitchen making him a snack.  Such a good girl for daddy.  Daddy smiled and walked up behind you, pressing his hardening cock to your cute little bottom.  Daddy could feel your ABDL diaper through your panties.  Mmmm someone feels a little squishy. Daddy steps away and reaches between your thighs to squeeze your wet diaper, pushing against your aroused little cunt.  As a moan escapes your parted lips, daddy lets go and steps away.  With a whimper, you turn and look at daddy with beseeching eyes.  Please daddy… Oh?  Please daddy, what?  Hmmm tell daddy what his little ddlg needs… Daddy stands there with his arms crossed looking at you, waiting.  You slowly drop to your knees and crawl to daddy […]
March 10, 2021
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Switching With My Stepson

My handsome, sweet and very sexy stepson and I always have so much sexual fun.  When we have our fun there are no rules.  I love to play with him because we get to explore our deepest desires in the privacy of our own home.  Whenever we have the time we make sure that we don’t waste it but we put it to good use. Yesterday we played like we never ever did before.  Usually I am always the one that is on top and my step son is on the bottom and I make him do all sorts of naughty and nasty things with me and it pleasures us both.  But for the first time ever I decided to switch it up, literally. I gave him permission to take the lead and to be […]
March 9, 2021
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Sweet and Sexy Shelinda Loves To Play

How fortunate I am to play with Shelinda, a fun blonde who just graduated college. I met her while she was at a career fair and I remember I took her resume and it just sat on my shelf ever since. I ran into her in town at a boutique beauty shop and she remembered me, which was surprising as I had forgotten about her. I told her that I did not get back to her regarding the then position because I do not work at that company anymore. She told me that it is okay, because she is between jobs at the moment because she just graduated college. I congratulated her and she asked what I did now as a profession and I told her that I am a dommy mommy. Her eyes lit […]
March 5, 2021
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You Are Now Mommy’s Baby

    Since you seem to have an issue with getting to the potty in time, and mommy is getting tired of having to strip and wash everything numerous times a day… Mommy has an idea that will benefit both of us.  With a little forced age regression, mommy will be diapering you and treating you like a baby from now on. Don’t try to fight mommy on this, mommy has warned you too many times and now it’s time to pay the consequences of your behavior.  A big boy doesn’t pee himself every night, a big boy doesn’t just piss his pants because he’s too busy to use the bathroom.  Since you want to act like a baby, mommy will treat you as such. Abdl regression is perfect for a bed wetter just like […]
March 2, 2021
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My Boyfriend – My Sweet ABDL Baby

I know what is best for my boyfriend because of my intuition as an abdl mommy, I always know what he needs.  Too often he is stressed from running a company with a vast amount of employees and being in charge all day – though it is lucrative has its stresses.  It calms him when he comes home to me and wait for me to direct him on what he should do to unwind. This is where I take the lead and impart forced age regression because I know that it is exactly what he needs in order to be comforted.  He pretends to put up a fuss and act like he is hard to get but I can see his cock grow by the increasing bulge in his pants and I take full control […]
February 18, 2021
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You Will Now Be Mommy’s Baby

    Don’t try to fight it… Mommy knows how you long to be mommy’s sweet little baby again, mommy sees the jealousy in your eyes when mommy holds other little ones.  With your “hidden” feelings mommy knows forced age regression will not be necessary. Mommy has seen you touching and playing with the baby diapers, and knows that you long to be babied again and be in mommy’s loving arms.  Abdl age regression would be the best for you and mommy knows you will will be secretly pleased to be put back into a diaper. Mommy has a surprise for her little one… Come to mommy, very good!  Mommy strips you of all your clothes even your little undies.  As you stand their embarrassed, trying to cover your privates, mommy pulls out a diaper […]