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December 13, 2020
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A Very Stinky ABDL Surprise

I hope you all enjoy this naughty little ABDL Christmas story that I came up with for you all! ABDL Mommy Candy woke up early on Christmas morning with a fluttery flittery feeling in her stomach. Oh those butterflies just never knew when to calm down so that Mommy Candy could get her thoughts worked out! Mommy Candy all but jumped right up and out of bed, slowing down only to wiggle her perfectly painted toes up into the pair of fuzzy winter slippers that she had waiting next to her bed for this very moment. A grin had been plastered on her face since her holly jolly alarm tone had gone off this morning and she had opened her eyes. Flying down the stairs, Mommy Candy could already smell the pot of fresh coffee […]
March 15, 2009


Did you wet the bed again young man? You did! That’s it I have had it with you! Your going back in diapers you hear me! Now don’t you whine and cry like a little baby and stop squirming before I slap that bottom! Now sit still and do as mommy tells you! Your just gona have to be regressed back into Mommies little baby boy! Will put some plastic panties on you, now here is a baba and I will place you in that play pen till Mommy is done with the house work. *Knock on the door* Oh my, who might that be, why it’s Sharon and her daughters Cindy and Brianna. “Come on in, Come in. See my little boy, isn’t he just darling? Now you girls be nice to the baby […]
March 8, 2009

My First Ring

I remember my first crush. It was on a boy that I played with at daycare. Daycare was a lot of fun where I went, we swam, we played, and I recall watching Gilligan’s Island. I had such a crush on the boy that I went to daycare with and he gave me my first ring I ever received from a boy! I still have it. It may be a little silly, but it meant so much when I got it! I remember how shy he was coming over to the play house where me and my girlfriends were, they all just giggled as he bashfully approached me. After he gave it to me I remember him making a mad dash across the playground to his friends as my girlfriends began singing “Sara and Steven […]
March 1, 2009


Now I will make the popcorn and let’s cuddle up! It’s movie night. Let’s put our diapeys on each other so we will be nice an cozy! All our favorites we will watch Lion King, Toy Story, Monsters Inc. Oh how I love to snuggle under a big comfy blanket and snuggle with my baby! Cum and snuggle with Mommy Sara! 1-888-430-2010