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June 27, 2021
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Aunt Brenda’s Boyfriend Larry

Larry, my boyfriend has been displaying several signs to me for the past few weeks that makes me believe that he wants to experience age regression.  I notice, clearly – so many times – how he makes little comments when we go outside and sees babies being spoiled, pampered and nurtured. It is as if he gets into a trance and he wishes vicariously that he can live the life the babies live. He painfully shared with me, that when he was younger he was never breast fed because his mother was the conservative type and she felt that it was absolutely disgusting.  She felt that putting her tits in the mouth of her son was the worst thing that a mother could do and it could have caused mental problems. So he grew up […]
May 24, 2021
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Tawny’s Friend Tionna And Her Husband Tim

I was visiting a friend when her husband of three years just walked into the room in the middle of us unannounced with his white diaper on and it was the droopiest thing that I have ever seen.  He waddled when he was supposed to walk because he pooped so much in the diaper that it appeared to slow him down.  His wife was so disgusted by his dirty diaper that she made him take off and hold it up for a great dose of diaper humiliation. Now, here was Tim who was fully naked and he was meeting me for the very first time and the first impression of him to me was me seeing him hold up a filthy and stink diaper in front of me all while he was naked from the […]
May 23, 2021
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Let Mommy Take Care Of You

    A little adult baby like you needs an abdl mommy to take real good care of you.  And Mommy Candy is perfect for the job.  Mommy loves diapering her little ones and when that diaper gets so full and soggy, mommy enjoys herself tremendously.  Mommy can’t stop herself from squeezing and poking heavy squishy diapers. For those little ones that are nervous about their diaper fetish or are too timid to embrace their baby sides, abdl hypnosis will help you with your fetishes and desires.  Mommy can help you open your mind and relax your body, so you can let that cute adult baby out. Then mommy can strip you of all your big clothes and get you into that diaper where you belong.  Mommy will make you feel so comfortable that you […]
May 10, 2021
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A Plethora of Sexual Fun With My Sweet and Sexy Step Son

Let us have sweet abdl sex that is so sweet that it makes the sun take it’s sweet time to set and it depresses ever so slowly, and let us not stop for time even when the alarm goes off.  I want to give you my sweetness and also have you savor my salty essence and enjoy them both equally. If we make love today it will eventually trickle into tomorrow and all we have to do is close our eyes and we can let our naked bodies move to the sound of our breath as we go in and out and up and down with each other. I want to enjoy you like how I savor the sweet and brisk kiss of a scoop of ice-cream as it hits my tongue and I suck on […]
May 10, 2021
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Clara’s Embarrassment

  Clara called me to have hot phone sex, but not just any kind – she wanted it to be abdl sex.  She was very sexually free, sucks on a pacifier and she shared with me all of her many sexcapades that she had with many others.  She had a plethora of experience being a submissive who wore diapers every day.  She would piss and poop in her diapers every single day and once it was full and could not contain any more, that is when she would be changed. In the past she would be changed by her older sister and her college friends and it was more than just a diaper change.  Her older sister was mean and would make sure to publicly embarrass her by making what should be private diaper changes […]
April 24, 2021
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Brenda Forces Her Boyfriend Bruce To Age Regress

I found my boyfriend Bruce’s journal while I was straightening up some items in the garage.  A part of me felt that maybe I should respect his privacy, but the other part of me overruled it and I decided to look at it.  I was so astonished at what I read.  Bruce mentioned that he has had to be the manly man all of his life and everyone expects that from him.  He had a desire and a need to stop being that person, even if it is just for one day and go back to when things in life were much easier than they are now. Bruce wrote to himself in the journal, ” I am just so fucking sick and tired of always being the one in charge.  I just want a break […]
March 29, 2021
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ABDL Angie

ABDL Angie has a diaper fetish that surpasses many other adult baby diaper lovers.  She really loves her diapers so much that she really gets involved with them in the creative of ways.  She loves to take her colorful Crayola markers and color her diapers.  Sometimes she colors little hearts on them and sometimes she colors her diapers with stars, triangles, circles and squares. Then she would use creative beads to decorate her diapers and really customize every single one of them. Then after she decorated the diapers the way that she wanted and she would use a nice little baby powder body spray on the outside to make the baby scent on it be enhanced. This is when I would take one of the beautifully decorated diapers and get her ready to be diapered. […]
March 20, 2021
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Brenda’s Baby Bartholomew

I am fondly reminiscing about a fun time that I had when I role-played with my adult baby diaper lover name Bartholomew.  He was really a special kind of abdl baby because he always told me that no matter what I told him to do, without question – he would gladly do it.  I have had instances in the past where I was on the phone speaking to other abdls and they tried to challenge me when it came down to incest chat, but with Bartholomew – I did not have that issue. When someone is a submissive it is an honor to both the top and the bottom.  The reason being, is because you as a top is the one that is responsible for your bottom and you always must have their best interests […]
February 7, 2021
Adult Diaper Fetishism By Wearing White diaper

Matt’s Birthday Surprise From Brenda

It was Brenda’s abdl son Matt’s birthday and she invited all of his closest friends over along with various relatives.  He had behaved himself all year so this was his reward.  While he was watching TV in his room, he had his pacifier in his mouth in his abdl crib in his abdl nursery. He wore his abdl diaper and he was surrounded by his favorite stuffed animals. He was unaware what Brenda had in store for him downstairs and she was secretly ensuring, behind his back that all went well. Those who came over to help Brenda with the surprise hours ago, made sure that not a peep of noise was made in order for him not to come downstairs in the living room prematurely.  After all were gathered, it was time for Brenda […]