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September 2, 2017
Sexy Nude Female shows Tight boobs close-up

Stinky ABDL Boy!

Oh no what’s that smell! I think an adult baby phone sex session is about to unfold because I smell a dirty diaper! Where are you my adult baby? Are you under the table? Nope I don’t see you there! Maybe you’re hiding behind the couch? Nope I don’t see you there either! Where are you my adult baby? You can’t stay hiding for long Mommy needs to change you before you get a diaper rash. You’re stinking up mommy’s whole house and I will not have that! All I need to do is focus and follow the smell! I think I’m getting closer it’s becoming a lot stronger! It’s leading me towards your nursery! There you are! Aww you’re all snuggled up against your big teddy on the floor. Mommy hates to wake you from your […]
August 12, 2017
Hand of woman giving adult diaper and change wet diaper

Naked, You Stand Before Her Phone Sex Part 1

‘Come to your abdl mommy ,’ she said. ‘You called me and here I am. Take this step, why don’t you?’ She held out a pair of pretty white shoes towards you. ‘These belong to you.’You stare back, unable to tear your gaze away from her warm, motherly face. Two eyebrows plucked to feminine arches; two bright brown eyes  that will put you in a hypnotic stare.’One tiny step,’ she says softy, and waves her hand forward at me . ‘Take my hand.’ You stare down at her long slender fingers and brightly painted nails. She waves the shoes ceremoniously like a flag in a gentle breeze. Their look  takes your breath away. With a high waist to hug your Adult baby hips and row upon row of lace topped with delicate silk bows to […]
May 23, 2017
A man Wearing the Adult diaper and shows them In close up

Diapered Together Phone Sex

Take a look at your abdl mommy I have such a nice surprise for you! Come quickly my sweet adult baby and lift up mommys pretty skirt! I am also wearing a diaper just like you! How cute is that! Now I mommy is going to give you an enema and then I want you to give mommy one! Oh how I know you have been begging to do this haven’t you my sexy boy! And then we can mess our adult diapers together! How perfect! Look how excited you just got by me saying that! I know mommy just got really wet! And after we are done messing together we can play and have so smoking hot adult diaper sex Ok so lets go get them ready I am going to put some nice […]
May 14, 2017
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Lovely Abdl Mommy Phone Sex

Come here and sit on your abdl mommys lap I am wearing a nice tight white dress with a beautiful  white lacy bra and some nice panties Which I know you want mommy to place my panties in your mouth don’t you slide down mommys dress and watch as mommy takes her breast right out of my bra and slip my nipples right into your mouth and watch as you suckle really well on my breast as I take my fingertips and slowly run them up and down on your back!  Then take my other hand and pat the back of your  adult diaper.  Don’t you dare fall asleep now or mommy will put you in your bed and you do not get to make cummies! Understand me sweety pie? Ood now mommy is going […]
April 23, 2017
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Incest Phone Sex With Ava

Do you know what a naughty mommy like me needs every now and then? Some dirty and raunchy incest phone sex so mommy has a big orgasm and get a good nights sleep after an incest phone sex fuck session with her sexy college son. Mommy knows you’re in your prime and all those raging hormones of yours made your voice drop deep and sexy and that cock of yours stay rock hard 24/7! Mommy knows how horny you are because I’ve caught you jerking off in your room late at night plenty of times. But you never noticed once because mommy made sure you couldn’t see her. I’d crack your door ever so gently and peek in watching your hand wrap around that enormous cock and pump that meat! It was so hot and […]
April 16, 2017
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Public Outing For My Adult Baby Part 1

Wake up! Wake up! Do you know what time it is? It’s time for our fun little outing to disney world! So let gets your Adult Diaper put on with some fresh baby powder to make you smell just like a wittle Adult baby! An now to slide on your pink plastic panties with your pretty petticoat and some nice tights to go beautiful with your dress! Don’t worry sweetie your abdl mommy has packed plenty of bottles for you!  And A bunch of pretty pink adult diapers! And I know how much you enjoy getting some spankings so I pack a whole bunch of fun things! So let’s get in the car it’s going to be a long drive so we will be stopping every so often to change you very full diapers!  And […]
March 27, 2017
A man with diaper he is in bathroom showing his back pose

Boyfriend Caught In Adult Diapers Phone Sex

Oh my what is that you’re trying to hide underneath your pants? I mean your pants do look like they’re a little tighter now than what they was before you left for work today! Seriously  your butt looks fluffier! Come here let me see! Why are you acting all nervous! I told you that I would be gone long and that I should be home by the time you got here! What’s that pink sticking out in the back? I wait until you’re not paying attention and give your pants a nice big yank! And they fall to the floor! Omg Is that an Adult Diaper? HAHA omg diapers are only for babies and those are pink! And is that a unbutton Adult Onesie underneath your shirt? Haha Omg I am telling everyone about this! […]
March 20, 2017
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I’m The Emasculation Phone Sex Queen!

Look at you. What a pathetic little emasculation phone sex whore you are. And not just any whore, no you’re my cock whore aren’t you? It gets that little dick between your legs at full mast just thinking about how much cock I’m going to feed you tonight. I put an ad on Craigslist advertising you as a willing and eager cum dumpster and it looks like we have a line going straight out the door all because they want to bust a load in you. Are you ready? I’m charging a dollar a blow job and of course you aren’t going to see any of that money. Look at all these horny men, complete strangers here because they heard you can suck a good cock or two, or twenty! So I hope you prepared […]
March 13, 2017
Adult Teen Girl Holding Glass Full Juice and Drinking

Adult Baby Wetting Accident

Look at you why are you wearing that skirt? “Well, mommy I had an accident at school and everyone laughed at me and the cheerleaders put me in this skirt and said I had to walk home like this.” Haha you see what I mean honey If you continue to have accidents then people will find out and this is what happens! So you know what I like their thinking I think that you deserve to have to dress this way and do you remember the last time you had an accident what I told you was going to happen. That right I am going to force you into an Adult diaper and some locking plastic panties and that is how you will go to school! And I will have someone change you at the […]