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March 30, 2016
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Nanny Ella’s Nursery Tales: Pammy’s Playmate, Part 10

Hello my little ABDLs! Welcome back to Nanny Ella’s Nursery Tales. I wonder what Nanny Ella told little Pammy…I bet we’ll find out! Before Pammy went to work that day, she followed Nanny Ella’s instructions. She put on the thinnest pair of disposable diapers she could find but that still had a bit of a crinkle noise, and then put on a baby doll style dress and white tights and mary jane style shoes. She looked at herself in the mirror. Okay, she could do this. Yes, her outfit was a bit “younger” than she normally wore, but it still looked professional enough that she could get away with it. And her diaper wasn’t visible under the dress, though if someone were to brush up against her, they would feel and hear it…which, she new, […]
March 20, 2016
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Mistress Liz

You call my phone and ask to speak with Mommy Liz. “This is she”, I say. You ask me to come over for some abdl fun. You answer the door excitedly when I arrive. I ask for the money up front and you hand it to me. I ask if we are alone and you nod your head yes. I untie and drop my trench coat and you stare at my sexy naked body. I ask your stipulations and you tell me. I pull out a diaper out of my bag and order you to take your clothes. When you undo them, I push you into the bedroom and force you onto the bed. I left your legs up in the air to put the abdl-diaper on you. I stand over you and place my […]
March 20, 2016
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Baby Cammie

When my adult son came to me a few years ago to tell me he was unhappy. I naturally wanted to know why. He then told me that he would love to go back to being my baby boy again. He explained to me how much he missed me having to diaper him before bed at night and even when I gave him his bare bottom spankings when he had done something bad. He said he felt the most loved by me during those times because he knew it was all out of love and care for him that I did these things. It was a huge comfort to him. I was so touched by how sweet he was telling me all of these things that I decided to tell him that if he wanted […]
February 29, 2016
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Mommy’s Favorite Baby

Oh how I love Mommy’s abdl-baby. Baby and I do everything together. Today as I get the morning started, I walk into your nursery and I see you standing up in your crib ready to greet me. As I say good morning, you start jumping up and down, excited to see me. Aww Mommy’s baby is so cute. I take you out of your crib and I walk over to the rocking chair and set you on my lap. I pull down my shirt so that you can be breastfed. Aww Mommy loves looking at her baby. You stare at me with those big eyes as you hungrily suck on my breasts. When you’re finished, I decide our day can be started. I pick out a pink dress with ruffle trim for you to wear […]
February 15, 2016
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ABDL Valentine’s Day

I had such a great Valentine’s Day with my abdl baby. I decided to have a lingerie party on this day with all of my girlfriends. I picked out a sexy lace halter thong teddy that hugged my curves in all the right places.  After curling my long blond hair, and doing my makeup, I put on my favorite black high-heels. My little abdl-baby comes into my room and told me I look pretty. I thankfully give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him hes the star attraction at the party. His eyes light up and I hand him his valentines day gift and tell him to open it. He rips through the pink gift bag and inside he finds a velvet red diaper. His eyes light up and I can tell he […]
January 24, 2016

A Great Day With Mommy – Part 1

I stretch my arms high up over my head and roll out of bed. Drawing back the curtains in my room, I see that it is a clear, sunny morning. Birds are singing, there is a nice breeze, and the sun is out and calling us out to play… Mommy is off work today, and baby relies on what mommy does! I wonder if my adult babies know what that means… Whenever I wake up in the morning and I know that I have all day to spend with my little ones, the gears in my mind start turning before I even wake them up! I pull on a robe, tie it around my waist, and head into the nursery, quiet as can be. I lean over your crib and I immediately catch a whiff […]
January 17, 2016
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My New Baby

One of the most exciting days in the nursery for this abdl mommy is when I get to meet a brand new smiling face! I always remember seeing their eyes light up when they realize that I will cater to all of the things that all of my little ones need! When I first take my new baby into the nursery, I show them the essentials of course. There are plenty of shelves full of neat stacks of disposable and cloth adult baby diapers. Plain and patterned, and many colors to cater to the tastes of my babies and diaper lovers! The changing table is cushioned and covered to make it nice for baby and clean for both of us! There is a large colorful rug in the middle, and near the edge of that […]
October 9, 2015
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They Bring two

Little Diaper baby so cute and sweet, Mommy will give you a special treat. It will be big and black, hard and thick, so much bigger than your tiny dick. It will make you scream, it will make you ache All of yours is mine to take. I’ll bring a friend and he’ll bring two, we’ll show what you are supposed to do. You’ll suck a cock and swallow cum, then we will stick it in your bum. You’ll suck another and then one more, your little ass will be so sore.The men will laugh at your little cock, while the size of theirs will give you a shock. My sissy girl will wear a dress, his hair will be an awful mess. Your arms and legs are spread out wide, filling your mommy with […]
July 23, 2015
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Seeking ABDL to Nurture!

Hiya, babies! Mommy Barb here, hoping for a sweet ABDL to spoil and coddle. I am a mommy, and mommies need to have babies to love and take care of. I have a nursery all set up with all the toys and things that a baby could ever need! We can spend all day playing together and having a good time in the nursery. When your baby diaper needs changing, mommy will have you powdered and feeling fresh and clean again in no time! Whether you like disposable diapers, plastic pants, or cloth diapers with nice shiny diaper pins in them, you can be sure that mommy has them all ready for you when you get here! Feeling sleepy? Let me hold you while we rock you to sleep. Hungry? Let’s arrange a breastfeeding session […]