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February 7, 2021
Adult Diaper Fetishism By Wearing White diaper

Matt’s Birthday Surprise From Brenda

It was Brenda’s abdl son Matt’s birthday and she invited all of his closest friends over along with various relatives.  He had behaved himself all year so this was his reward.  While he was watching TV in his room, he had his pacifier in his mouth in his abdl crib in his abdl nursery. He wore his abdl diaper and he was surrounded by his favorite stuffed animals. He was unaware what Brenda had in store for him downstairs and she was secretly ensuring, behind his back that all went well. Those who came over to help Brenda with the surprise hours ago, made sure that not a peep of noise was made in order for him not to come downstairs in the living room prematurely.  After all were gathered, it was time for Brenda […]
February 7, 2021
This Pictures Showing the boy adult diaper

Mommy Tawny Takes Diaper Lover Jack Shopping

Jack was going to go shopping with his mommy today. She came into the abdl nursery to change him from the diapers that  he slept in the night before and she dressed him up in his diaper and t-shirt.  He waited to see if mommy was going to put a pair of pants on him, but she left him as is. He had a diaper fetish and his diaper was just what he needed. Mommy Tawny told him that he may look like an adult from the outside but he really was just a baby on the inside and she was going to make sure that he will always wear diapers for the rest of his life. As they arrived at the store a plethora of people were staring and pointing at Jack. The ogling […]
February 6, 2021
Mommy's scolding that boy to behave like this

Naughty Boys Become Mommy’s Diaper Boys

    Once again mommy catches you acting like a bad boy.  Now what did mommy tell you would happen the next time you misbehaved? Hmmm… Mommy expected this from you, so mommy is already prepared with an outfit just for you.  Since you want to act like a little baby and be a brat, mommy has the perfect punishment for you all picked out. Mommy grabs your arm and stands you in the middle of the room.  Then mommy makes you stand still as she slowly undresses you of all your big boy clothes.  Telling you, since you don’t want to act like a big boy, mommy has something else in mind. Once mommy has you completely undressed and standing naked in front of her, she turns you towards the big mirror in the […]
January 29, 2021
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Listen To The Sound Of Mommy’s Voice

    Mommy has a surprise for her little man.  After days of discussing all your likes and kinks during our ABDL chat, mommy knows just what her baby needs. Being an abdl mommy means mommy has to pay close attention to her little ones needs and desires.  And mommy listens to her babies. Now it is time for you to listen to mommy:  Sit down, close your eyes, relax and breathe.  Mommy wants you to lean your head back and exhale a big breath, as you let the air flow past your lips, mommy wants you to visualize the one thing that makes you the happiest. Once mommy sees that smile forming on your upturned face, she knows you are picturing being a baby in mommy’s arms.  Mommy softens her voice, almost cooing to […]
December 13, 2020
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While Chestnuts Roast On An Open Fire, Hot Red Wax Will Drip On Your Cock

There’s nothing like staying indoors while it is cold and harsh outside and enjoying the warmth of a fireplace.  As we sit by the fire, I watch you with a happy expression on your face as you sit in the lotus position in your crinkly diaper. You are so comfortable in your abdl diaper on the floor and you feel so soft and snug.  We explored the idea that we would try something new today and your love for pain as a masochist brought a plethora of ideas to my mind.  I already prepared everything that I would need and placed them in a discreet place in the bedroom.  You look at me and I look at you, my loving and sweet adult baby diaper lover and you are in anticipation with what plan I […]
June 20, 2020
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No Cumming Allowed Until Mommy Scarlet Tells You That You Can Cum

My hot red toe nail polish has dried and now I just dipped my feet in peanut butter and jelly and I want you to open up your mouth and prepare to suck. I will make myself comfortable in my leather recliner chair so my feet can dangle from the edge and I want you to start licking the bottom of my feet, my dear abdl baby and you will do it… softly, slowly and seductively.  You are to keep your eyes open in order to make eye contact with me as I stare back at you saying nothing to you with my mouth but I will speak with my eyes. You will know what I want and I will tell you with my breath, my energy, my reaction to your action. You have now […]
February 25, 2019

The Training Of A Pissy Pants Abdl Boy Part 2

With his tender bottom still stinging and oh so tender, he reached for the nearest box. He pulled it towards him, tore the tape off and opened the flaps revealing several large bags of  ABDL Stacey. He turned to his wife excitedly “are you pregnant!?!”  When Mistress Janey finally stopped laughing she said “look at those diapers a little closer.” He did and suddenly it dawned on him that these were adult diapers. And she meant them for him! He started to protest when she backhanded him across the face knocking him off balance. He laid there on his back completely stunned. Finally she composed herself and said ” here are the rules:  from now on you will wear diapers every day and night. The ONLY time you will have the diaper off is changing […]
February 6, 2019
Teen Diaper Girl smiling with lying on the bed

Jenna The Adult Baby Sitter Part 1

Jenna has so much fun being the neighborhood  ABDL Stacey for naughty husbands, Jenna smirked a little as she regarded her charge, sitting in the corner at his school desk, writing punishment lines. He had on his sissy schoolgirl dress, and was wearing his thickest diapers. His eyes still had tears left from the spanking she gave him earlier. His hair was in pigtails with long ribbons, and frilly anklet socks and saddle shoes encased his feet (stomping one of those cute little shoes is what got him spanked in the first place).  His punishment lines read: “Sissy Girls who wet their panties like me deserve to be put back in diapers.”  And that was certainly what had happened. As it usually did when she babysat, she mused, and wondered why his Mommy didn’t just put […]
January 29, 2019
Hot sexy Man Shows Off his Wet adult baby Diaper

A Humiliating Assignment Part 2

She had assigned Johnny to go to the store before he called her, and now she was putting him through a top-class humiliating  ABDL Stacey! “Tena … Depend … Assure ….. Tranquility…” She stopped him at that one.  “Do they have the ATN … All Through the Nights?” She asked. Johnny gulped, trying to swallow back the panic rising in his throat.  “Yes.” “Two packages of those then, Baby. That will take care of your little night time problem, and keep your sheets dry.” He took the diaper packages to the counter, just wanting to get them and get out now, sure that someone must have heard. But as he got in line, she suddenly said, LOUDLY it seemed, “ ABDL Stacey Johnny, you remembered the diaper rash cream, right? It’s possible even with diapers […]