Phone A Mommy Blog

July 15, 2008

lesson time

now my little sissy it is time for a lesson in behaving for granny doris you know what happens to you if you don’t listen to me now don’t you my little sissy. so come and sit down and learn your lesson well.and i will tell again all about this little sissy that didn’t and what happened to me at phoneamommy doris
July 5, 2008

I Wonder What They Sell In Here

I wish I had a store like this near me. All my lovely little sissies and I could go shopping. I wonder what types of things they have for sale in there. I would love to walk into a store that sold strictly sissy clothing, fancy dresses, silky this and frilly that, full shelves of Rhumba panties. *sigh* What a wonderful thing to think about. Shirley 1 888 430 2010