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February 13, 2021
Mommy's Girl wearing yellow dress with cute pic

Aunt Brenda’s Little Sissy

I recall receiving an incest phone sex  call this week from a wonderful caller that I derived so much intense fun, pleasure and enjoyment.  I was the caller’s Aunt Brenda and the caller was my little nephew who I quickly feminized and turned into my niece. He first called me while he was wearing his blue, red and white plaid oversized boxers, white ripped cotton t-shirt and white cotton stained socks, then a short time into our call he ended up in a frilly yellow onesie with white lace with matching yellow mittens and footsies and a matching head covering. This was a cosplay outfit that his twin had purchased for a party, and I had him put it on for us to play. Though he was hesitant at first, I knew… because of my […]
December 28, 2020
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Sissy Amina’s Pretty Pink Surprise

My Sissy Amina loves pink and I could not wait to have her open the present that reflects her favorite color along with her favorite past time.  I watched her face light up when she opened the present that was wrapped in pink wrapping paper and when she saw what it was she almost fainted.  She is such a sweetheart and she deserved this beautiful gift of a pretty pink paddle. Amina picked it up and looked and it and she knew that as her dommy mommy I was definitely going to do justice to her behind with the paddle.  She knew that when I punished her it is not necessarily that she did something wrong as yet, but her bottom is subject to future punishments and already knowing this, she happily assumed the position. […]
December 25, 2020

Cuckold humilation

  Ever since i started this ABDL Stacey i really truly take advantage of it, i make my sissy wear his diapers all the time now and also make him dressup in little baby clothes all the time. And i mean wear them every where to the park out shopping and all. Im pretty sure he feels very humiliated but i love it just the feeling of the humilation i give him really makes me wet. And even sometimes i humiliate him by bringing a true man in the house to show him what his cock is suppose to look like and what it is really suppose to do to a women if he truly had one… I definitely love it when i do diaper cuckold with my sissy, i invite a ex over that […]
November 15, 2020
Cuckold sissy is tied up and wearing lingerie

Husband Turned Into Sissy Cuckold

Sissy Judith wanted to crawl away, she wanted to get out of her old bedroom and go to her nursery to hide in her crib but knew she would get in trouble if she did.  So, she stayed in the corner, resting on her thick diapered bottom with her pink sissy dress spread out around her as her wife turned Mommy got fucked hard in their marriage bed!  Former wife, actually. They never got a divorce, but Brenda told her firmly that she had married a man, that she made her vows to a man, but he didn’t exist anymore! Once Judith’s clittie was tucked away in a sissy chastity cage, with a diaper stretched out over it any chance of being able to say she was a man was completely gone. Not to mention […]
November 10, 2020
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Good Sissy Craves Some Cock

I’ve had the opportunity the last few days to talk with an especially silly sissy called Matilda. Now, most of the time Sissy Matilda has to answer to Matt, but she really doesn’t like doing that, not even a tiny little bit. She has a wife and children and has to pretend that Matt actually suites her. She lies every single day to anyone that sees her, and she doesn’t have to say a word to do it! All she has to do is dress a certain way and everyone thinks that she is a man; that right there is the biggest whopper that she could ever tell. Matilda is a nasty sissy faggot and she wants everyone to know about it! She wants to walk and talk and sashay around for all to see; […]
November 9, 2020

Where are all my sissy babies?

    Little Jimmy just loves dressing like a sissy with frilly socks and girly dresses and his favorite, diapers. One day little Johnny’s parents had to rush to an unexpected business trip and they hired me Cousin Jenna to take care of him. Upon arriving I noticed little Johnny’s pants were buldging in the back, he looked at me ashamed and asked “ so what’s your name?” I responded “Cousin Jenna”. Jenna went on saying, “I thought I was going to be baby sitting a baby or someone much smaller and younger than you are, hahahah”. Little Johnny walked away ashamed and as he turned around and walked away, Cousin Jenna could not ignore that very nasty disgusting smell. “OMGG what is that disgusting smell? Did you shit yourself? Little Johnny looked at Jenna […]
November 1, 2020
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Spooky Costumed Femdom Stepmom

Tis the season to get spooky and scary and never hold back with doing so! This is my favorite time to take the opportunity to really flex my femdom chops and sink my claws into some fresh meat with all sorts of new and exciting ideas for pleasure and punishment. Now most of the people that I get to play with are so desperate to be used and abused and downright dominated! If it is domination that they are looking for this time, they have certainly come to the right place. I am feeling at the top of my game lately and picked up some props to really enhance my game and make it that much more intense for my lucky victims. I am talking costumes, baby! I am going to show these pathetic little […]
October 17, 2020
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Sissification by Stepmommy Tawny

Get up on your feet, you naughty little baby! Just what do you think that you are doing while stepmommy was out, hm? Now I know that you know better than to color all over the walls and play in your poopy stinky diaper when I am not around! My rules are strict and the punishments for breaking my rules are severe, and you should know better than to think that you can get away with something like this! Now, I would apologize in advance for the punishment that you are about to receive, but truth be told, I am soo very excited to get my hands on you! You have been sneaky and quick enough to avoid me when I have been around and have seen the trouble that you had gotten into when […]
October 11, 2020
Pink and White Sissy Baby Cute Dress

Denise’s Punishment

Dennis, your clitty cock serves no useful purpose at all.  All that it is good for is to remain dormant and dead and it should therefore be confined to a diaper, frilly panties and little girl dresses.  I will now transform you into my abdl sissy baby and I will no longer refer to you as Dennis and your new name shall now be Denise and you are to refer to me as Dommy Mommy Scarlet at all times as I am now your abdl mommy. Now lay on the bed naked and spread open your legs. Your balls are too hairy and a true abdl baby girl does not have any hair on her clitty cock.  I will take this tweezer to make sure that I get all of the unneccessary hairs out. Before […]