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July 17, 2021
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Justin Loves To Age Regress, Though He Was Forced The First Time
July 19, 2021


She is a Global Data Privacy Officer and she manages a large international and domestic staff. She flies to a different country every other week and whenever there are issues that need to be resolved regarding breaches and data privacy, she is the person that is responsible for the firm.  She is known as the bitch at work because she is aggressive, rude and rarely ever smiles.

Her masculine energy is what she dresses herself in everyday and she is feared as she is the most intimidating person in the company.  But… when she comes to me, all of that shit that is done at her corporate job goes out of the window.  She needs her weekly dose of age regression in order for her to have that balance that she needs.  I know she needs it, but the game that we play – I like to make it something that she pretends that she does not want and that is why we engage in forced age regression.

She would beg and plead with me not to make her have to participate in abdl age regression and I will tell her that this is what she needs.  I remind her that she has a ton of issues on her plate at work and in her personal life and the only way for her to live life fully and complete is for her to be balanced.  I am the one that gives her that balance in her life.

Like when she meets with me she needs to immediately disrobe from her fancy custom-made business suit, fancy shirt, silky stocking, heels and get diapered.  Her pussy will be wiped thoroughly along with her tightly puckered asshole and then I will lubricate her cunt with ointment and powder her and close her diaper up.  She will have to learn that in my presence the less she says is best.

To reduce unnecessary talking that is usually irrelevant and nonsensical – it is mandatory that she stuff a pacifier in her mouth in order for her to shut the fuck up. No one wants a corporate bitch bringing her business world shit to our roleplay – so I always know how to provide the necessary remedy in order for her to quit it and zip it.

Her pussy is usually lacking a good fucking because she travels so often, this is another reason that she would remain in bitch mode for most of the time on the job.  A good dick fucking is a good cure for that and if I choose to have her vaginal hole pounded like a jack hammer on a busy street, I will either bend her over and fuck her deep and hard with my strap-on, or I will call up any random male submissive from my list of contact and they would show up with the sole purpose of fucking Anna Belle’s cunt.

She would cry like a baby and at times I would even put a bottle with milk in her mouth when she is getting fucked by strangers.  And as an added plus – I would make sure that she swallows down the cum from random cocks to make sure that her mouth is sticky with the after taste of dick milk so she could enjoy the rest of her day.



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