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June 6, 2021
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June 7, 2021

Phone Sex

I don’t know why my stepson turns me on so much, he just does.  I have had to keep this side of me a secret for a very long time because his dad – my husband would lose his mind if he found out that I am more attracted to his son – my stepson, than him.  I mean, my husband is a sexy senior in his own right – he is tall, dark and handsome and has such an intellectual mind that we can chat for hours about any and everything.

But, his son is the opposite in terns of conversation and his body is so youthful, tight and divine. He is such a specimen of beauty.  I just want to experience what it would be like to taste my stepson’s beautiful, tight and young body and of course, to have him taste mine. Thinking about him has caused many a sleepless night where I would play with my pussy thinking about him.

There were even the times when I would be fucking his dad and I would use my mind to replace his face with that of his son and I would have the most intense orgasms ever! My husband never knows why – he thinks that it is something that has to do with him, but it has nothing to do with him.  All I need to use is his dick and my mind is on his stepson, pretending that he is the one that I am fucking.

I even pretend a times that I am talking to his son when I speak to my callers on the phoneamommy line where I am someone’s mom over the phone and they are calling me to chat to their fantasy phone sex milf. I pretend that I am having incest phone sex with my son because I know that in reality I will never be able to have him so I use my mind to imagine what I want. I even pretended one time that I dressed him up as a girl and we had hot feminization phone sex and because I imagined his bulging muscles sticking out through the clothes, it got my pussy so wet.

My stepson is such a tease, he purposely walks around the house after a hot shower in nothing but his underwear and because there are some shower droplets that remained on his cock, it presses his penis and balls through his underwear and I could always see the bulge of his semi-erect cock! He drives me so wild, I could just imagine that his cock tastes like a delicious piece of meat and I cannot imagine my mouth not being on his sweet cock, fixated like a baby latched on to his mother’s breast while breastfeeding.

I may see if I can tease him back and see what he does because I simply cannot take it anymore because the temptation is just too strong. I want to fuck my stepson in the ass with a strap-on and I want to suck his cock and drink his cum for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But, since I can’t have him in reality – call me and let’s roleplay that you are him and let’s fuck our brains out.



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