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Happy Mother’s Day — A Video
May 18, 2019
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May 19, 2019

I love getting to teach new things to my little abies and diaper lovers, too. But my little ones especially need some extra guidance when it comes to learning all of the things that they must as they grow. This includes not only ABC’s, but 1,2,3’s as well! It can be hard for an ABDL Stacey to focus when we are together in the nursery. The bright colors of all of their favorite toys and stuffies, not to mention the sweet smells of the bottles of baby powder and the plastic pants that I have put neatly away.. these can all make for one distracted baby! This is where I as a mommy have to acknowledge the balance between tough love, and spoiling them rotten which I so love to do. When regressing, it can be a wonderful trick to let those diaper sissies pick out one toy or treat for every number that they learn. They get so excited to not only get to hug their toys, but also please mommy, that they end up learning to count in no time! There are going to be some hang ups along the way, but that is part of what makes being a mommy so much fun… You never know what you will get into when you are doing your best to teach such a sweet one how to count. Another good way is by using those diapers! Mommy tells you to go peepee in your diaper because that is number one. Then you must go poopy in your diaper because that is number two. Number three is very special and only the best babies get to experience this with mommy’s help! You must make cummies in that diaper for me, and then we will let you enjoy your warm, wet diaper for a while before mommy changes you into a fresh diaper and some PJ’s. Learning can be fun little diaper lover, especially with a mommy like me taking care of you! I simply cannot wait to show you all of the amazing things that this world has to offer.




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