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August 30, 2020
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Mommy Candy’s Little ABDL Loves
September 6, 2020

abdl baby

My ABDL Stacey boy Little Johnathan was such a horror all week and I decided on the perfect way to teach him a well deserved lesson. I figured out that he was so enamored with being spanked that he would enjoy being naughty in order to cause a punishment with an abdl spanking, but today – I switched things up on him. His face became so flushed and embarrassed when I entered his room with my closest girlfriends and announced to him that I will be changing his wet diaper in front of them.  There was no prior knowledge of this information given to him so he was taken aback by this surprise. He always felt so insecure about his genitals that the thought of others seeing how small he is caused him much distress and humiliation. Not knowing what to do or what to say he just stood there helpless and vulnerable in his overly padded and droopy wet diaper waiting to be changed.  I walked over to his crib along with my girlfriends and they ogled and stared at him in anticipation of his abdl diaper change as they looked down at him in his abdl crib.  “Time to change the baby” is what I announced as I peeled off his thoroughly soggy crinkly diaper, placed it in a disposable plastic bag and tossed it in the garbage can in his abdl nursery.  Laughter filled the room as Little Johnathan lied on his back, legs spread open wide apart and in the air, with his hairy bottom and miniature penis all exposed. He was absolutely humiliated and attempted to force a smile to lessen the blow of the insults that were sent his way regarding his incomplete genitals from my girlfriends.  Some asked me if he had a deformity as the poor excuse of a penis resembled a clit and others teased him and said that he was born with two belly buttons; one on his stomach and the other where a cock should have been.  Another took a tweezer out of her purse and placed his very tiny itty bitty pee pee between it and jokingly said that when he grows up one day and learns how to jack off that a tweezer would be what would do the trick to hold his worm in place so he could cum because it was so abnormally small. As his ABDL Stacey Scarlet, I  was both intrigued and excited by all of the teasing that I allowed it to continue to happen to Little Johnathan for over an hour.  Within that time frame he inadvertently leaked out some more droplets of piss from his girl cock and ended up wetting up his marble sized balls and furry ass. “If you are going to piss in it, you will have to lay in it” – is what I told my little diaper lover, as he could not understand why he was still naked from the waist down, unchanged and now being forced to remain in a wet puddle of piss in his crib. “Why won’t you change me now Mommy and cover me up?” Is what my adult baby asked and I simply replied, “because you are not finished being teased.” I then went to grab a ripe banana from a fruit basket in the kitchen, then I peeled it and placed it directly next to his flaccid noodle.  I told my girlfriends to take their phones out to take pics as they made memes of his tiny prick and ripe banana and added it to various sites online.  They laughed at the comparison of the banana which was directly next to Little Johnathan’s baby cock and stated that maybe he should have his tiny dick removed and replaced with the banana. After the night was spent, my girlfriends left and went home, all satisfied with how they teased naughty Little Johnathan. Then the idea came to me to remind Little Johnathan about how messiness feels so I squeezed and the mushed ripe banana in my hand and wiped it all over his nipple sized dick and irrelevant balls.  I then put a dry crinkly diaper on him with the mushy banana bits of it inside and did not change the wet sheets that he soiled. All night long he would be sleep deprived as he would attempt to go to sleep in a pissy crib with mushy banana bits inside of his diaper and every time he would shift and turn, banana bits would travel between his pee pee, his balls and his asshole.



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