out on the town
January 30, 2008
February 6, 2008

I am a little newer to Phoneamommy than most of the ladies here and I have a few different fetishes. Some of which alot of you have either never heard of or never had any experience with. Despite the fact that some of my fetishes are very odd and almost unheard of, you guys have all been great.  I get alot of questions, which is good. I would rather you ask than assume. I also get alot of interest from people who have never tried these things before. Now some of you must be going “what is she talking about”, if you have never seen my profile. Well I am referring to furry fandom and technosexuality. I am a baby girl but sometimes I like to play a furry kitten or a wild cat. I also like to play as a living doll or a mysterious and very sexy android. I love anything that is really out there. Now for those of you that are not really into this stuff… I do love just being daddys babygirl someitmes. And my favorite thing of all is age regression. I love to force someone back to being a small little baby who is completely dependant on me for everything. Now so far I have gotten alot of age regression calls and ab/dl calls which is great. But if there are any babyfurs like me out there. I am just dying to go wild with you.

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