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Adult baby in cute onesie


Hi I’m Jenna your favorite baby sitter. I just love baby sitting big sissy boys. I know you will love and enjoy my little day care. You may ask Cousin Jenna, do you punish your babies? Yes! Yes I do I absolutely love and enjoy punishing and abusing a little sissy poopy baby like you!

Diaper changes come with an automatic punishment, so you better be a good baby. Look at that big diaper bulging in your pants, it’s time enough your big ass gets potty trained. Now stay here while I fix myself something to eat and don’t you fucking move from here, stay here and play with your toys, don’t fucking move you little shit! If you even thing about moving from here I promise you I will make sure that you regret it really bad but don’t move. As Jenna walks away baby Josh immediately sneaks upstairs into cousin Jenna’s room and found her stash of diapers, plastic pants, pampers, pacifiers and so much more! It was like an adbl lover dream.

Baby Josh took a few items and stash them in his little backpack. He then notices Cousin Jenna’s closet opened and was amazed at all the cute pink clothing she had. Baby Josh then proceeded to try on Cousin Jenna’s clothes even though he was supposed to be really quick as Cousin Jenna mentioned he will be punished! He found this cute pink pretty dress with lace and frills and wanted to try it on. While trying to fit into the dress Cousin Jenna was already on her way up the stairs and noticed baby Josh was missing. “What the fuck is your nasty sissy ass doing in my fucking room!” Cousin Jenna screamed. “Didn’t I tell you that you will be punished if you move? Plus you are wearing my clothes, you sissy little bitch now I really have to punish you”. Bend over and pull your diaper down for a spanking!” As diaper lover Baby Josh attempts to pull his diaper down Cousin Jenna notices his diaper his dirty. “Did you poop in your diaper and didn’t tell me?” Baby Josh looked at Cousin Jenna ashamed and terrified because he knows he is about to under go extreme punishment for breaking all of the rules.

Cousin Jenna proceeded to and pull baby Josh diapers down and spank him really hard with a belt. “oohh noow Cousin Jenna it hurts it hurts!” Baby Josh screamed. “Yea you think this hurts now wait until you see what I have in store next for you” Cousin Jenna responded. “And stop fucking moving around so much take your spanking you wanted to be a bad little sissy poopy diaper bitch so take your fucking punishment like the little pathetic bitch you are. “No no no please stop! It hurts it hurts! Cried baby Josh. “You should’ve thought about that befor you decided to be a dirty little poopy pathetic bitch, I bet you would never do this pathetic dirty shit again when I’m done with you.

Keep your sissy clothes on and dirty diapers and let’s go outside so everyone can see your poopy diaper and you in your sissy dress”.

ABDL Cousin Jenna


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