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Bed Time For My Abdl
December 19, 2019
Adult Boy Wearing the messy wet dirty Diaper
Abdl Needs Encouragement for Messy Diaper
December 27, 2019

It really is amusing to tease the abdl boys here that have nearly nothing at all tucked behind their diapers. Seems for the best to my way of thinking, though. If you’re walking around like a grown man, women expect you to have a man’s dick. But what little they have to work with is the perfect size to be in an abdl diaper! You expect a few inches to just a little bump inside of some Pampers, so there’s no stress there about not meeting expectations. I’m still able to tease, of course, because they really are supposed to be men, with the full-grown cocks to match…but they will never get there, will they? They will always have a little peepee that is guaranteed to make a mommy laugh, and nothing else. A happy mommy makes for a happy baby, so that’s good! Should I be laughing at your tiny little thing? Call me for some humiliation phone sex.



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