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Little Shrimp Dick Loser
May 24, 2016
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Trouble Part 7
June 4, 2016

Well, my Adult Baby Girl Alyssa and I are going to have a Come to Jesus talk very soon.  Mommy got her credit card statement in the mail today and it seems a certain someone has been going on Ebay and buying all sorts of outfits since she can never have enough and has been using my credit card to pay for them.  She knows she is not supposed to touch Mommy’s credit card since Mommy has to pay bills.  I had been wondering where all these packages from days on end were coming from that she would quickly grab and disappear with.  So she won’t be able to play with all you other Adult Babies for a bit since on top of getting a nice hard spanking over Mommy’s lap, she will be grounded and her password on the chat room and Ebay will be changed effective tomorrow.  After a week is over since that is how long it will be before she can sit down comfortably, then I may let her play with you all again.  I think in the meantime she will be getting daily maintenance Spankings to remind her that she is a little Adult Baby Girl and I am the Mommy.  Why don’t you call me and maybe we can figure out some other Punishments for my little Princess.

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