Perfect for a Diaper
January 3, 2023
Mommy Just Loves Naughty Boys
January 8, 2023




Little Johnny was sitting in the nursery being a good diaper boy and playing with toys when mommy last checked on him. He was sucking on his pacifier and having all sorts of fun making noises. Mommy left the door open to the nursery and went into the kitchen to get a snack for the baby.

As long as mommy can hear the music from your toys, mommy knows you are behaving and being a good adult baby. As mommy makes you a sippy cup of juice, she notices it has gotten a little too quiet. Mommy makes her way to the nursery and peeks through the open doorway to see you sitting with your back towards the door.

Mommy sneaks into the room to see what you are up to. As mommy gets closer, she hears muffled little grunts coming from you. As mommy peeks over your shoulder, she sees you with your diaper open and your peepee in your hand. Oh, oh, someone is being a naughty boy and playing with himself without permission from mommy.

Shame, shame! Now mommy has to punish you. Mommy clears her throat, causing you to jump and try to hide what you were doing. Too late, Mommy caught you. And now it’s time to teach you a lesson. You know the rules: only mommy is allowed to open up that diaper.

Now that poor Peepee is dripping and you don’t get to finish playing. Mommy has you stand up, and then she strips you of all your clothes, including your diaper. Mommy takes your hand and leads you to the changing table. As you stand there fidgeting, mommy brings out the special diaper for bad Abi.

A special diaper made just for naughty little ones who can’t keep their hands off themselves Not only does mommy put you in it, but it has special binds for your wrists so you can’t take it off or touch your peepee. Mommy lays you down on the changing table and slides the diaper underneath your bottom.

After mommy powders you, mommy fastens it all up, nice and snug. Then, mommy, have you put both your arms down against your sides? Starting with the left side, mommy fastens the strap around your wrist, making sure it’s tight. Now it’s time for the right one.

Once you are all secured, mommy will lay you in your bed, and all you can do is lay there and look up at mommy with your sad eyes. You wouldn’t be in this predicament if you had been a good baby. You thought you would be able to be naughty while mommy was busy in the other room, and now you know better.

Mommy makes the rules, and you are supposed to follow them. And when you don’t, you have to be disciplined. If you hadn’t been impatient, mommy would have let you make a big sticky mess after your snack. And then Mommy would have put you in the bath and cleaned you all up.

Call Mommy Candy now!

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