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What is a diaper lover

What is ABDL?

The world of kinks is quite diverse. It is as complex as human sexuality, as two people can work in entirely different ways regarding their sexuality and preferences. Some fetishes are more common than others, and even though some of them are cataloged as “unusual,” they are frequent enough to develop communities surrounding that particular fetish is created. That is the case for ABDL. “ABDL” stands for “Adult Baby and Diaper Lover”. These people encounter pleasure in roleplaying as toddlers. It implies regular infant activities, such as wearing diapers and, overall, behaving like babies. Some enjoy the roleplaying part of the kink, while others love wearing diapers and the submission associated with it. Due to its nature, ABDL people often hide their desires from their partners, friends, and even relatives.

It can be strange to people who don’t know anything about the concept, and some ABDL individuals may feel ashamed about their desires. However, this hobby is harmless and fully consensual between the parties involved. Generally speaking, there isn’t a single or “correct” way to practice the ABDL kink. There are different variations that can accommodate everyone. It can be as simple as wearing a diaper and playing with infant toys. There are tons of activities that people can relate to, and that’s why the community is divided into several niches. There are tons of ways to get started, and all of them are correct, as each individual has their own journey.

What Is An Adult Baby?

Adult babies are individuals who return to a child-like state. It can be for entertainment purposes or for pure eroticism. The academic term utilized for this phenomenon is “paraphilic infantilism.” It enters into the age-play category, defined as a “fantasy roleplay where a person personifies a character of a different age”. We can say that age-play can be either progressive or regressive. Progressive age-play takes place when a person pretends to be someone that’s older than their actual age, while regressive age-play has someone who pretends to be younger. That said, we can say that adult babies are part of the “regressive age-play” category. Please note that age regression and regressive age-play are very different terms, as the former is a coping mechanism the brain develops to deal with extremely severe trauma and is unrelated to kinks.

Adult babies are not necessarily babies all the time As we’ve mentioned above, the adult baby community is quite diverse. You can find people in different niches, including people who like to roleplay as babies, others as children, and some as teenagers. Furthermore, age is not static. It can fluctuate, depending on how the person is feeling. For instance, one day, the person may feel like being an innocent schoolgirl, while the next, that same schoolgirl becomes a teenager. All of these actions are accompanied by respective clothing and accessories. Like it happens in real life, adult babies have diverse preferences and behaviors, as each one of us is different from one another.

adorable simple adult baby outfit

Accessories And Costumes

Since ABDL is a form of roleplay, then you can assume it is normal for these individuals to accompany their fantasies with props, like toys and costumes. This can help the individual engage in the fantasy even further and make it even more realistic, allowing them to stay “in the zone” and at ease. Think of any object associated with toddlers, and it’s very likely for an ADBL person to use it. For instance, pacifiers and sippy cups are quite common, but diapers are practically a must. Other accessories may include childish dresses and even school uniforms. It depends on the preference of that particular person and how they are feeling at the moment.


The behavior varies depending on the age that the ABDL person is roleplaying at the moment. For instance, if they’re a baby, they can throw a tantrum while drinking from their bottle of milk. Or perhaps they can stay for a few minutes messing around with a coloring book. Some people also like to change their voices depending on the age they are portraying. However, it can be complicated to describe with precision the behavior of the ABDL community, as each individual is different and has diverse preferences. Who is the partner of an adult baby? There’s someone for everyone in this world. Although for some people, ABDL can be odd, the truth is that, for others, it can be fascinating. Hence, adult babies are often accompanied by “caregivers.” These people can be submissive, dominant, or even switches, with dominance being the most common but not the only one.

The power dynamics can be different depending on how the partners connect with each other. For instance, some people may fantasize about being a schoolboy attempting to seduce his hot teacher. Keep in mind that this is all a fantasy, and it can vary depending on the preferences of the people involved. The roles are not permanent and may change over time. It’s common for people within the ABDL community to create different characters and portray them depending on how they feel. The “ABDL” term is not for everyone, and that’s okay As we’ve described throughout this post, ABDL stands for “adult baby and diaper lover”. However, not everyone feels identifies with this title. It is easy to use, and that’s why many people have adopted it, but that doesn’t mean that they consider themselves adult babies or enjoy wearing diapers. Some people prefer using “age-play,” as it is more accurate. However, due to how widespread the ABDL term is right now, most individuals simply use it to prevent confusion.

Adult baby proudly standing up while wearing a diaperIt’s not uncommon for people who actually enjoy roleplaying as babies and even using diapers not to like the “adult baby term.” This situation happens because they want to avoid the stigma that comes with the term. Some people prefer using the word “little” to refer to themselves. It can refer to any age, and the word isn’t as badly seen as the term “adult baby”. What are “diaper lovers”? The second part of the ABDL term is “diaper lover”. This term refers to people with a fetish for diapers. Hence, they find sexual pleasure in wearing a diaper (or diapers in general). There are tons of variations to this fetish, from being in contact with the soft material of the object to soiling the diaper only to being scolded or changed by their caregiver afterward. Diaper lovers aren’t necessarily adult babies or age role-players. Some people only enjoy wearing diapers as a kink, and that’s completely fine. Both communities coexist together, but not everyone is into the same thing.


ABDL is a very misunderstood community. While it is harmless and is an activity between two consenting adults, many people confuse it as a form of pedophilia or child abuse. The truth is that there are no children involved in these activities. In fact, these people find the act of embodying a child a turn-on. They don’t desire to be with children. This is a kink as any other kink there is out there. Again, it is an activity between two adults that consent to do whatever they agree to with each other and nothing else.

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