Oh Oh Someone Is Excited
September 18, 2022
Cum Play with Me
September 25, 2022



When Baby Needs To Play: Sometimes I can’t help myself, and I have to play. I need to pull my diaper open and touch myself. My fingers can’t get to my little pussycat fast enough. I get so excited and need instant relief. And sometimes I can’t wait for mommy or daddy to come play with me.

My pussy gets so wet, and the feel of my fingers sliding over my trembling mound makes it even wetter. Soon, my fingers will be spreading my pussy open and sliding in and out. Lots of times, mommy has walked in on me, knuckles deep, squirting uncontrollably.

The thought of getting caught adds to my excitement, and all I can do is thrash and moan in ecstasy. I try to be a good girl and wait for mommy, but it’s so hard. I have lots of naughty thoughts racing through my head, and soon my pussycat will have a mind of its own.

And it’s like I am in a trance with no control over my body—my hands roaming and rubbing, my fingers plunging in and out, my pussycat getting more and more soaked. With each thrust of my hand, I tremble with orgasm after orgasm. I sweat so much that my clothes, my diaper, and the floor are all soon drenched in pussyjuice.

Sometimes, when mommy walks in and catches me, she turns me over and smacks my bare bottom, right before sliding a nice big toy inside me and fucking me like I need. Mommy knows exactly how to make me explode like a geyser and satiate my primal desires.

I am always worked up and in need of a good fucking. I just want to be used over and over. I love being a good girl and taking it. And mommy just loves it when I beg for it. I need to be violated and fucked to exhaustion. Otherwise, I just can’t keep my hands off myself.

Mommy and Daddy know this and try to make sure that I get lots of special attention. But sometimes they are busy or not home, and I get naughty all by myself. Mommy now locks up the “toys” so I can’t use them without permission. They are for mommy and daddy to use on me or for them to watch while I use them on myself.

That’s why my hands are always buried between my thighs and shoved into my dripping fuck hole. At almost any time, you can walk past my nursery and hear my moans and whimpers as I play. And it doesn’t take much imagination to know what’s going on inside.

I bet you could give me all the attention I need. I bet you could fuck me good and make me cum over and over. If you would like to play with me, call me anytime and make me squirt like a good little girl. Make me moan like a little whore and make me beg for more.

I’m ready to be taken and used. Click Here

Baby Stacey


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