Daddy’s Good Girl
September 11, 2022
Brenda Desires Incest Sex With Son! (part 1)
September 12, 2022



When Daddy Plays with My Friend: Sometimes I have a special friend come over to play. And sometimes Daddy will play with both of us. I just love watching my father play with my friend. She is different than me and has a peephole like Daddy. But Daddy doesn’t mind that at all and shows her the same treatment he shows me.

Daddy likes to strip her of her clothes except her thigh-highs. Then he makes her lay on her belly, and I watch as he tells her to spread herself open for Daddy. Daddy’s cock is so hard and is already starting to drip when he slides it into her tight little hole. She squeals every time, and I get goosebumps, and my pus starts to leak.

Watching daddy fuck my friend is so erotic, and I sit there mesmerized, not realizing my hand has slipped inside my diaper. Soon I am rubbing my little kitten and moaning just like my friend as daddy pounds her hard. Abdl sex with Daddy is so satisfying that my friend constantly asks to come over and play.

I am a diaper girl, and she is an abdl sissy, and neither of us can get enough of Daddy’s big, hard cock. We even take turns sucking on Daddy’s cock and balls. Then Daddy covers us with corn to show us what a good job we did. The best, though, is when Daddy pulls his dick from her stretched hole and squirts cum all over her, letting it drip down her balls as he shoves back inside her.

My mouth waters and my pussycat squirts as I watch daddy play with my friend. Playtime is the best time! And when Daddy gets done playing with us, we turn to each other and start licking each other clean. I love licking daddy’s cum off my sissy friend’s balls.

And then I suck her peepee into my mouth and licked and sucking on her until she squirted down my throat. Afterwards, we lay there exhausted from our play time. We can’t wait until Daddy comes to play with us again. No matter what, we are always ready to be good girls for Daddy.

And when Daddy isn’t home or is busy, we make our own fun. And by the time Daddy is ready, we are soaking wet and so horny for Daddy’s cock. There’s nothing as good as daddy’s fat dick filling our little holes. Daddy knows just what to do to make us cum over and over.

Daddy says I can have as many friends over as I want, and he will play with us all. Daddy is so strong and can last so long. Do you want to come over and play with us? I promise you will enjoy yourself so much. There’s nothing better than playtime with Daddy.

And Daddy likes all my friends and definitely likes fucking them all. So, come on over and let’s have fun with Daddy. You will love every fucking minute of it. Click Here

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