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Johnny is one of my loyal caller and he and I enjoy keeping things nice and nasty.  One of the things that we like to enjoy is shit play – otherwise known as ABDL Stacey. He likes to get prepared for me in order for us to ease into the play.  He makes sure that he eat a lot of bananas, eggs and bread – followed by a large glass of mixed boiled senna tea leaves, which really moves his bowels in the best possible way. I like for him to put a plastic sheet on the floor – nothing fancy at all just a cheap shower curtain that he purchased from the dollar store.  It is for the purpose of being on the floor for when we have our shit play.  When he preps for us to play the extreme way that we do he is usually wearing diapers.  I like it when he puts on the crinkly kind that makes a lot of noise.  There is something about that sound that just gets me going.  It is something that only an abdl mommy could enjoy.  Knowing that the baby is being satisfied by the comfort of the diaper and also the pleasure that he/she receives from the noise that is makes is so satisfying.

So, when I am on my roleplay phone I don’t care about what else is happening around me, in the world or on the news, all I want to know is that shit will be coming out of my diaper lover’s ass.  And as I hear him telling me that he is cramping up – I could hear the pain and anguish in his voice as he prepares to push the shit out of his ass and deposit it into the diaper that he has on. I never want to rush a beautiful moment like that, I enjoy taking my time with it.  When the experience is so pleasurable it is a good thing to take my time and savor the moment.

Absorbing every experience which will eventually become pleasant memories are a big deal to me.  I usually have him place the phone close to the back of his diaper and then once he pushes, I can hear all sorts of noises emanating from his shithole. I hear various fart sounds – some sound regular and some have a wet sound.  I will then have him fill the diaper and then I will have him remove it from his body after it becomes full.  But, I don’t make him take it off right away, I will wait a while so that he can feel the mussy feeling of shit on his ass.  I want him to feel his own mess and I also want him to smell it is as well. Why should he rush the process and miss the prize of smelling the stench of his own horrible shit?

In sex abdl roleplay everything goes, there are no rules once both of us are of age we can so whatever we want.  After he let it out in his diaper and he removed it, I would make him force out an even bigger shit on to a plate on the floor that was covered with the plastic sheet and then I would have him stuff the turd in his mouth and email a photo. I told him I would add it to this blog and he was totally happy about that.  Continuous humiliation is what he loves and I am happy to deliver it to him every single time. Would you like to try it out with me?  I would like to have some shitty fun with you as well.  Give me, Tawny a call right now and let’s get this shit on the road!



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