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November 20, 2022
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November 27, 2022




When Mommy’s Away: Mommy knows that whenever she leaves you two alone, it’s naughty play time for you both. Mommy can hear the giggles and shushes when the fun first starts. And not to mention the moans and groans that soon echo from the nursery.

Mommy just loves her little ones.  And mommy loves when her little ones have play time.  The sounds floating through the air bring a huge smile to mommy’s face.  Not to mention the dampness between mommy’s thighs.  Mommy’s abies know the rule, diapers are to always be on unless mommy takes them off.

And when mommy peeks around the corner and into the nursery, mommy sees her smart little ones know just how to be naughty and not break any rules.  Mommy smirks and watches for a little while.  Regardless of the position, those diapers never come off.

The sounds of whimpers and grunts fill the room.  As mommy watches, her hand slowly slides down her body to her waist.  Mommy slips her hand into her panties and feels the wetness spreading.  Watching and listening to you play together, makes mommy excited as well.

Mommy might decide to join her little ones in some naughty fun. Mommy has no diaper, though, so that means mommy’s abie will have to lick up any sticky messes that mommy makes. Mommy’s pussyjuice will be dripping down both of your faces.

There’s nothing mommy enjoys more than play time with her adult babies.  And the naughtier the better.  Luckily those diapers will absorb most of the sticky cummies that will be squirting all over.  Not to mention those mouths as well.  Everyone’s mouths and tongues will be busy during our fun time.

The smell of sex will fill the nursery, and mommy and her little ones will have a very good time. Mommy has a feeling that when we are all done playing, a bath will be needed by all. A warm, wet bath to wash the warm, sticky mess from our bodies.

As talented as those tongues are, they can’t get all the stickiness lapped up.  They are better at causing the stickiness than cleaning it all up.  Luckily the bathroom off the nursery has a big tub.  Big enough for everyone to fit in at the same time.

After tons of fun, we make our way to the tub. Once the water is filled, mommy will strip you of your dirty diapers. Mommy will get you completely naked and into the tub, then mommy will climb in and join you both. A nice, relaxing bath after naughty play is always the best feeling.

By the look of mommy’s little ones faces, mommy can tell some abies are in need of a nice cozy nap.  Once we have finishes washing off, mommy will get everyone dried and diapered.  Then mommy will tuck you both into your cribs and with a kiss to the tip of the nose, mommy will shut off the light and leave the door ajar.

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