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December 18, 2022
Amanda Gets Some Encouragement to Use Her Diapers!
Amanda Gets Some Encouragement to Use Her Diapers!
December 20, 2022




When Someone Needs a Time Out: Just because you are a cute little Abdl diaper girl, doesn’t mean that you can be a brat and get away with it. When you act up and misbehave, mommy has to punish you. Which could mean, having to face the wall or a much-needed nap in your crib.  And if you are very bad, then mommy will not hesitate to spank you if needed.

Mommy is the boss, and mommy makes the rules. And what mommy says, goes. You can fuss all you want; that will just mean more time for you to think about what a bad girl you are. When you behave and act right, mommy will let you out to play.

Mommy doesn’t like having to be mean to her adult babies, but sometimes a firm hand is what is needed to keep little ones in line. But if you’re good, then mommy’s hand will be used in a very different way on the baby. Mommy will use her hand to rub and caress the baby’s most intimate areas.

And if you are a very good Abdl, mommy will use more than her hands to make you feel good. Instead of cries of anguish from being disciplined, mommy will hear cries of pleasure coming from that cute little mouth. And mommy just loves that sound.

Mommy loves to make you moan and squirm.  The best part is when you start to beg mommy. Pleading with mommy to make you squirt, “please mommy” That’s music to mommy’s ears and makes mommy’s pussycat wet too. Being a good baby is so much more fun than being in trouble.

Instead of being put in your crib for a time-out, you could be in mommy’s bed for a little naughty fun. So choose wisely, do you want time out or time for fun?  Do you want to be punished or pampered? Mommy will gladly do either. But the fun and pleasure choice sounds better in mommy’s opinion.

And if you’re a really good girl, then mommy might just let you choose what you would like mommy to do to you. And what you would like to do to mommy as well? Good thing you have your diaper on, so it can catch all your pussy juices as they drip and ooze from your excited little crotch.

Then mommy will use your own wet, squishy diaper to rub your pussy. It will make you gasp as your body tightens, your back arches, and your body trembles in orgasmic bliss. Mommy loves making you cum over and over. There’s nothing that makes mommy happier.

Would you like to be mommy’s little diaper baby? To be treated accordingly to your behavior. To be played with and made to cum repeatedly. Would you like to be a good girl for mommy? Or do you need a timeout first? Are you a good girl or a bad baby?

Call Mommy and let’s see how much fun we can have. Mommy Candy is available to take calls 24/7. Click Here

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