Big Ass Horny Girl Using Adult Baby Diaper
Nanny London Will Put You In Your Diaper
November 7, 2021
White Adult Baby Diaper For Horny Man
Brenda’s Adult Baby Diaper Lover Loves Phone Sex Hypnosis
November 8, 2021


When Vicky hypnotizes Nicky all shit breaks loose. She literally goes into a trance at the inception of a role-play setting focusing so much on her mommy Vicky’s voice as it is to mesmerizing.  As soon as she is told to take a squat and lift up one of her legs like a dog, she does it with no issue and out comes a stream of soft and runny shit that gets contained – somewhat – by her diaper.

Mommy Vicky would then tease Nicky in a playful manner and put her boobs in her face. She would tell her to pick a boob and tell me which part she wants to suck.  Because Nicky is so greedy she asked mommy Vicky politely if she could suck both breasts as she loves the sweetness and the softness of the breasts.  This is when Mommy Vicky would have Nicky feed from her breasts and it allows time to have Nicky have her pussy stroked – even though there is a bunch of fecal matter around it.

Nicky would bounce up and down on Mommy Vicky’s lap so often that the feeling would vibrate her clit and make her want to cum.  So, she would just take the nice feeling from the bouncing and know that she has control in what comes out and when.  Because when it was time for Nicky to shoot her load in her diaper surrounded brown clumps of feces along with a bit of piss from earlier.

And one of the favorite things that Nicky loves to do it play and be loved by mommy.  She wants to be made to feel like what she has to say is just as important as if another person.  This is also another reason that mommy Vicky hypnotized Nicky in order for her to be a brave girl in this modern world.

You should also try to be hypnotized but be warned that no matter what – you will find a place that you want to stay focused on and that is where Mommy Vicky will focus the most on for you. If you are shy and want to be brave, Mommy Vicky will handle that by making you know that you can be as brave as you want to be if you just allowed yourself to believe in yourself and trust Mommy Vicky’s progress. If you want to act more like a baby and automatically you pass your bowels without any hesitation, that can be taught to you as well through hypnosis.  If you are short but want to feel tall then nothing else beats Mommy Vicky’s hypnosis to make you feel as the tallest building in the world.

Whatever you desire it is not too far away, it is time for you to call Mommy Vicky right now and finally see how you can have things your way.  There is nothing to lose and everything for you to gain so call me right now so we can finally get around to lots of great fun and awesome play. The number to call is 888-430-2010.


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