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September 5, 2018
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September 7, 2018

Are you ready and eager to be my ABDL Stacey? Your first try it is going to be the party I’m having in just a little bit. You will have your own very special spot off to the side a bit underneath a toilet bench I got just for you! My friends and I will be drinking quite a bit, so I’m sure we’ll be over there to keep you busy quite often. You will have the best view in the house every time we sit down on that bench, letting you watch up close as a stream of golden piss spills out of our pussies and into your mouth. You will swallow every drop and thank us for giving you such a tasty drink! And don’t forget to sit up and lick our pussies clean when we’re all done. Why don’t you call for some toilet slave phonesex to tell me how much you would love that?



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