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September 4, 2022
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September 8, 2022



You Belong In Diapers: Mommy has seen that little, tiny baby peepee of yours, and you definitely belong in diapers. There’s no denying what’s between your legs. And the only thing a peep that size is good for is a diaper. A soft, crinkly pamper for your petite peepee.

A mommy knows where a tiny “cock” like that belongs. And mommy has lots of diapers to keep you exactly where you need to be. Mommy will take good care of you. Mommy will strip you of your big boy clothes; you won’t be needing them. Then mommy will lay you down on your back and spread your legs wide.

Then it’s time for a comfy diaper. Mommy lifts your legs in the air, sliding that diaper under your little tushie. Now time for some diaper cream and baby powder, so mommy’s baby boy doesn’t get a diaper rash. Mommy rubs it all in, from between your cheeks to your cum-filled balls and then your little, tiny peepee.

Diapers are good for all your messes. From stinkies to stickies and all that pee. A warm, wet, squishy diaper for baby to waddle around in Mommy can’t help but smile when she sees your little diapered butt. Mommy enjoys reaching out and squeezing that cute little pampered bottom.

Now everyone gets to see the size of that baby nub between your legs. How small and pathetic it is. How it’s smaller than a baby pacifier, shrunk in, and hidden. A little turtle in a wet, soggy diaper, just where it belongs The best place for something so tiny, safe, and snug is in a diaper.

A baby peepee in a baby diaper Mommy’s little diaper boy And mommy will just love showing you off to all her friends. They will laugh and tease you. And you will blush the cutest shade of pink. Everyone loves a baby. They will pat your diaper, pinch your cheeks, and tickle your tummy.

You will be the center of attention with your little diapered peepee. The only experience your pathetic peep will know is that diaper. The closest you will get to a woman’s pussy is the soft, warm, wet diaper wrapped around your peepee. Your little pickle will constantly drip from all the stimulation from your diaper rubbing against you.

Mommy can already tell how much you like using your diaper and how much you enjoy that soggy diaper hanging between your thighs. Your beaming smile and cute giggles are contagious. Mommy’s cute little diaper baby is just so adorable.

Would you like to be diapered and babied by mommy? If so, then wait no longer and pick up that phone and give Mommy a call. Mommy will make you the cutest baby around. You will never want to be a big boy again, and remember, with a peepee that small, a diaper is exactly where you belong.

Now be a good baby and do as mommy says… Phoneammommy today for a private session, and let’s get started. Click Here

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