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December 4, 2022
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December 12, 2022




You Belong To Candy: You belong to Mommy, and Mommy Candy knows exactly what she wants to do to you and your holes. Mommy has the perfect-sized cock picked out to use on you. Mmhmm, mommy is going to fuck you like a little bitch. Mommy is going to have you grunting and begging for more and more.

Mommy knows how much you love when mommy bends you over and takes your little ass, stretching it nice and wide and making you moan like a whore. You even reach back and spread yourself open for Mommy without having to be told. That’s a good little slug.

When mommy gets done with you, you will definitely need a diaper on. That poor hole of yours will be gaping for hours. Mommy will make sure you know who is in charge.  Mommy will have you in so many positions that her cock will alternate between your mouth and your asshole.

In and out, in and out, harder and faster, making you take it all. You will go from choking and gagging on it, covering it with your spit and drool, to feeling it slide between your cheeks and deep inside you. Mommy will reach around and play with your hard throbbing dick with each thrust.

Mommy is going to make you explode and make you squirt like a little girl as you get fucked. Then, when mommy is done using you for her pleasure, she will make you lick her pussy clean of all those sweet juices. And make sure you do a good job.

You belong to Mommy Candy, and Mommy will make sure you don’t forget that. Anything and everything mommy wants, mommy gets. If mommy tells you to do something, mommy expects it to get done right then and there. No ifs, ands, or buts. The only butt that will get fucked is yours.

You will become mommy’s little sex slave, mommy’s personal toy to use as she wants.  And mommy has lots of strap-ons and toys to use on you. You will never know when mommy will all of a sudden decide that she needs her little sex slave to help relieve some pent-up aggression.

You will take it, and you will beg for more. You will show mommy that you are worthy of belonging to Candy. You do a good job taking that dick, and mommy will show you how proud she is of you. Mommy will make sure everyone knows what a good fuck you are, too.

And since you want mommy to be proud of you, you will make sure to please her as much as possible. Mommy loves to be pleased. As long as you remember that, you should be fine. Don’t forget, you belong to Mommy now, and Mommy comes first.

What mommy wants always takes priority over everything else. The benefits of being a mommy and an owner of a sex slave You are at mommy’s beck and call; you are at mommy’s disposal; you are mommy’s to use however she pleases. And mommy intends to use you often.

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Mommy Candy


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