Fun With Mommy
March 6, 2022
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Amanda Rewards Alan With Her Succulent Juices
March 6, 2022


You Will Do As Mommy Says: I think a little diaper bondage is in order to let mommy’s little ones know who’s in charge. What mommy says, goes, and it would be a very good idea to remember that. Mommy likes to play with her Abies, and mommy loves to watch as her little ones get naughty.

Abdl sex is best when everyone participates. There’s nothing better than a whirlwind of sexual fun in the nursery with mommy and all her diaper babies. Mommy will make you her little sex slaves. You will do as you are commanded, regardless of what is asked of you.

Mommy wouldn’t ask you to do anything that Mommy herself wouldn’t do as well. Mommy loves it all, and so will you. You will soon become mommy’s little sex disciple and learn all that mommy has to teach you. You will never be bored with Mommy, that’s for sure.

Mommy Candy is just the distraction you need from the tediousness of everyday life. Mommy will make you forget about everything else but mommy and her lessons. You will never want to leave mommy’s nursery of fun. Nothing is off limits, so let’s get kinky and make a very big sticky mess.

There’s nothing mommy likes more than the smell of sex in the air, except perhaps a little one’s legs open in the air waiting to be used. Mommy will make sure everyone has a fantastic time getting fucked. You will fuck one another, you will fuck Mommy, and Mommy will fuck each and every one of you and your holes.

Mommy is the boss, and you will do as she tells you. No ifs, ands, or buts… unless it’s mommy deep in that cute little butt. Luckily, everyone will have their diapers to leak into. Because everyone will be oozing. Pre-cum, their own cum, and everyone else’s cum as well.

Mommy is already licking her lips in anticipation. And mommy’s is definitely getting wetter by the second, thinking about all the fun we will have. You can be good boys and girls and make mommy squirt over and over. That will put mommy in a very good mood.

One of mommy’s favorite activities on a cold rainy day, or pretty much any day, is to have all her little ones line up and start touching themselves for mommy. Let mommy watch you slide your hands over your young bodies. Watch you quiver and tremble as you get more and more excited for mommy.

Then mommy likes to watch as you take turns pleasing and touching one another. Mommy makes her way around the nursery, rubbing diaper fronts and sliding her fingers inside to feel how excited everyone is becoming. Mommy just loves when all of a sudden you moan and cough just from the touch of her fingertips brushing against you.

So aroused and ready to be mommy’s good little diaper babies. Mommy will give you a time you will never forget. Some yummy incest chat will have you dripping for mommy. Come play with mommy today! Click Here

Mommy Candy


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