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April 17, 2022
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April 24, 2022

Adult Baby Diaper

Amanda Loves Sexy ABDL Kink: I enjoy all types of abdl age regression, especially the abdl roleplay types of play that make mommy sex so much fun. A lot of babies don’t realize it until it is too late, but I am also a mommy that loves to tickle. Tickling is so much fun, but it is also something that can be a bit of a torture as well. I took a submissive with me home the other day after picking him up as he hitchhiked, and when I took him home, I tied him up with my stockings and tickled him for hours. He laughed so much that he peed on himself, and that was when I made him stay in his pissiness for hours. I wanted him to get used to the smell, and that is what he had to do, as he must fall in love with his own piss before he can enjoy the piss of others, and by others, I mean my piss.

I like to piss against his lips so that he feels a hot stream of it spray against his lips like a cup of hot coffee, and when he opens his mouth wide, I make sure that a hot stream of it goes racing down his esophagus and directly down his throat. He needs to concentrate fully to make sure that he does not drown, because I make sure to pour it out of me with such force that it rivals a tsunami.

I listen intently and I watch him, as the way that he gobbles all of it down like his breakfast really gets me so very wet and it turns me on. My DNA inside of his mouth and then his stomach is truly symbolic of power. I may be a sexy and creative mommy, but there is that main part of abdl sex kink that is truly who I am and what I enjoy!

I love sexy ABDL kink, and you would too when you did it with me. Even if it is your first time phone fucking, I will be sure to guide you on your way. You may have fantasies, dreams, and desires that you keep all to yourself on the inside while going to bed every single night unfulfilled. Well, those days don’t have to happen anymore, so give me a call and let us explore all of the forbidden possibilities that you cannot share with anyone else.

I will be your mommy and your confidant, and when we share things, it will be our little secret that no one else has to know about because it will be between you and me. It is time that you and I shared a sexy scene that will leave you feeling fulfilled and sexually satisfied in a way that you have never felt before, so stop delaying the process of enjoying some raunchy and sexy abdl kink. You deserve to be happy, and cuddling is part of that happiness, so call me now and let’s play. You can reach me at 888-430-2010. Click Here

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