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September 11, 2019
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September 12, 2019

Even the adult baby with the most “regular” bowel movements will need a good cleaning out now and again, and lucky for them, this ABDL Mommy loves getting the chance to administer a nice warm enema. Before it is too late and my little ones run the risk of getting all clogged up, I make sure to prepare them for the special time that we are going to have together. I let them know that it is time to “clean out the pipes” and that they are going to feel so much better when Mommy is done getting them all taken care of. I make sure to set the mood for pure relaxation, because we cannot make sure all the messy bits come out easily if baby is squirming and clenching while I am trying to let the enema run its course. It is nice and warm, and I put on the favorite music of my sweeties so they can get swept up in the tunes while I get them squeaky clean on the inside! A dirty diaper is something that every Mommy is familiar with, but a dirty bottom is certainly not acceptable, and that includes up inside! I have to tug that thick, crinkly diaper to the side so that I can take the end of the hose and prepare to slide it up inside of them. I make sure to use generous amounts of lube, even using a special kind on occasion to offer a warming or a tingling cool sensation to further stimulate and relax my babies. Most of them give me a big smile and even a moan or two of pure pleasure when the enema starts and they feel that nice warm water flowing up into their bottom, filling them up like a diapered balloon! After we get them nice and full and the time comes for them to empty their insides out, I have them release into their diaper, ensuring that it gets incredibly thick and saggy as that water fills it up to its breaking point!
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