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November 13, 2022
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Auntie Has Some Roleplay Fun with Her Neighbor!: “Perfect,” Brenda muttered as she twirled in front of the mirror one last time before bouncing out and heading to her next-door neighbor’s apartment.

She felt an uncontrollable surge of excitement creep into the pit of her stomach as she imagined the kinky things they had planned. She loved it when they role-played!

The door creaked open, snapping her out of her trance.

“Hey, you are here,” he said, beaming all smiles, and he left the door wide open and stepped aside.

Brenda flashed him a charming smile and walked in.

Once she was in, her eyes thoroughly scanned him; he was clad in a pair of shorts, his upper body unclothed and exposed to her ogling eyes.

Her eyes traveled back to his shorts, suddenly realizing he had his diapers on.

She grabbed the pack of diapers on the center table, took one out, and walked up to him.

“Let’s get you changed,” she said.

He cringed and scooted away from her like a toddler.

“I don’t want to change into a new one; I am okay with the one I’m wearing,” he whined.

“Eric, I am quite sure you have been wearing that for a while; you need to change so you will be comfortable,” Brenda tried to convince him.

“No, I’m okay,” he insisted.

Brenda heaved out a sigh of frustration and snatched him right up. Luckily for her, he had a lean build—not too heavy to pick up at all. It was always fun for both of them when she manhandled him around.

She leaned across and bent him over, firmly hoisting him effortlessly under her arm, leaving his toes slightly scraping the floor beneath.

He was starting to slowly enjoy the sensation of being bent over and firmly restrained. He shuddered slightly as her hands grabbed the band of his shorts and dragged it down to his ankles.

She quickly unfastened the straps of the diapers and set them aside, carefully cleaning him up, when suddenly her palm came down a bit harshly on his bare ass and he twitched slightly.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you?” She muttered, noticing his mood changing.

He giggles, opening his mouth to retort, but before he could speak, he was interrupted by another heavy slap, landing firmly on his bare ass!

Brenda didn’t give him a chance to adjust before slapping him, giving him chills and causing him to gasp and wiggle helplessly in her grip.

“Ooh! Goodness!” He moaned out, unable to move any other part of his body other than kicking his legs freely in the air, jolting forward each time Brenda’s palm cracked down across his rapidly reddening bottom. He had no clue as to when the pleasurable assault on his ass was going to end; instead, he silently wished it wouldn’t have to end anytime soon.

All he did was bite his lip and wriggle each time her slaps came down on his bare bottom.

His jaw dropped as the smacks rained down, squishing his hips and kicking his legs so hard that Brenda had to wrap an arm around his back to keep him still, as she continued her downpour of smacks landed on his bare bottom, each smack painting it a deeper shade of red.

Brenda whispered kinky words into his ears as she continued handling his needy bottom.

The wild sensation was driving him insane, causing him to squirm vigorously as the warmth spread out in his entire system.

He suddenly lost it and yelped out in delight, biting his lips in an attempt to stifle the loud screams that wanted to come out of his mouth as the sharp sting of each smack washed over him, squirming and squealing as though he were a kid who was happily getting tipped off by his parents.

Then suddenly, the whacks came to an abrupt stop, leaving him resting his toes back on the floor and catching his breath; his cock was rock hard and throbbing at that point.

He was a little bit disappointed, though his bottom felt like it’d been set on fire, but the throbbing feeling was one of a kind; it almost made the stinging pain unnoticeable.

His bottom felt hot and tingly as his pulse pounded and his cheeks twinged sharply.

She allowed him to set back down on his feet, and he immediately reached back to rub at his ass. He then retracted his hands and reached over to scoop some of Brenda’s long hair out of her face, letting his thumb rub over her cheek lovingly and playfully.

After a short while, Brenda carefully scooped him into her arms like her little son, carrying him to his crib. His lanky structure made it less stressful for her; she gently laid him down on the mattress and sat beside him.

“Now, let mommy take good care of you,” Brenda said, fastening another diaper on his bottom that was glistening in dark shades of red.

Then she gently ran her hand along his diaper-covered cock, causing him to moan with delight.No one else could make him experience the mind-blowing sensation aside from Brenda, who always knew the right places to touch, bringing surges of pleasure all over his body.

Slowly, as Cumin soaked into the awaiting walls of his thirsty diaper, Brenda tenderly moved her hand back and forth over his padding, and all he did was thrust out his hips, trying to feel all that was possible.

He gripped the sheets, not being able to control the waves of pleasure coursing through his body.

His rock-hard erection was now very visible through the diaper, and Brenda continued caressing the bulge through the diaper.

Pure ecstasy was written all over his face as Brenda drove him to his limit faster than she’d ever done before.

He couldn’t hold back anymore; the pleasures overwhelming him became too much to bear, causing him to grab the sheets tighter.

“It’s here,” he muttered, breathing heavily.

“Release it into your safe spot, your diaper,” Brenda whispered into his ears as she continued rubbing gently on his diaper.

Moans poured out of his mouth as his whole body vibrated vigorously, strands of cums erupting from his cock and coating the diaper in a layer of sticky mess.

Brenda never stopped rubbing him gently.

“Oh, amazing,” he managed to mutter before his eyes slowly closed and he drifted off to sleep.

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