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Amanda’s Neighbor is now Her Baby Boy!!
October 10, 2022
Mommy’s Silly Baby
October 16, 2022

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BRENDA’S NEPHEW BECOMES HER ADULT BABY!: Tim stomped through his parent’s house, muttering and cursing to himself, his parents gone for the weekend. Just the weekend, and they still felt like he needed someone to come check on him—his aunt, whom he had a small crush on and who was going to be keeping an eye on him! He was in college, for Christ’s sake! Sure, he was small for his age and definitely looked younger than he was, but none of that was good enough to treat him like a child; they should know better. He sighed in aggravation and headed toward his room. At least he knew that Aunt Brenda wouldn’t be showing up till tomorrow, so he could have a bit of fun while he had the house all to himself.

He went to his closet and bent over to reach behind everything for the package of peekaboo ABC diapers that he had hidden; he didn’t want anyone finding these. It didn’t take more than a few minutes till all he had on was a cute Elmo t-shirt and his thick diaper. Tim enjoyed himself for awhile, walking around the house listening to some music with his headphones, wetting his diaper as often as he could, his arousal growing as it rubbed against his cock, but he felt like taking it slow today, getting more excited as his cock slowly got harder. He decided to go get something to drink and was walking through the living room when the front door opened with his aunt standing there in the doorway, a very shocked look on her face!

Tim moved his hands in front of his crotch, like it would do anything to cover up his diaper, and immediately felt silly.

“You’re early! Why are you early?”

He ran to his room, moving to slam the door and lock it, and planning on how to avoid his aunt for the rest of his life, but was stopped when she slapped her hand against the door to keep it open. She had a weird look on her face as she stepped into his room, odd enough to leave him quiet while he backed up. She stared down at his diaper, and he was horrified to feel his softening cock twitch and start to get hard again. His hands were covering up the bulge, but he knew if he moved too much, she would see it! She kept coming towards him, and he kept backing up until his knees hit the bed and he fell back on his diaper. He winced and blushed at the audibly squishy noise that it made; he was pretty sure he had peed a bit more out of embarrassment because it was so close to leaking.

He was confused as Aunt Brenda got close enough that his knees pressed against her skirt, and she put a hand on his chest to lay him back on his bed. He flailed around for a second, worried about his hard on, wanting desperately to get off the bed and out of the room. then his aunt pressed her hand firmly against the front of his diaper. He couldn’t do a damn thing to stop the filthy moan that came out of his mouth or the way his hips sharply jerked up. God, he’d seen diaper sex porn and wanted to do it for a long time, and here his aunt was doing just that with him!

He came in just a minute or two, Aunt Brenda’s touch getting him so turned on that he had no chance of controlling his reaction. He came hard in his diaper, moaning and twitching as his aunt ran her hands over his chest and stomach to settle him down. “Well, ever since I saw you in your diaper without your finding out about it, I’ve been wondering if I would like to do that to you. Turns out I do!” She gave him a very stern look. “Remember that this is our secret, dear. “I wouldn’t want anyone to find out what a perv you are!”

She then turned around and walked out of his office, calm as a cucumber, while Time felt more confused than ever.

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