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February 12, 2022
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A Sexy BDSM Sunday With Brenda And Her Boy Toys
February 13, 2022

Pretty Pink Adult Diaper

Brenda’s Sissy Bitch Michelle Cums In Her Diaper: I am Aunt Brenda, and I have a sweet fetish for my nephew, Mitch. I have been waiting for the right moment to take our innocent relationship to a new level, but I just never had the opportunity. Of course, that was until my sister got a new job out of state and she wanted to have Mitch move in with me as he was in his last year of high school.

She just could not yank him away from all of his friends and move him to another state, and the emotional trauma that she thought it would bring was all that was needed for her to ask me to take him into my care.

At first, Mitch was a bit sad, and that was until I broke the ice with him and started asking him questions about diaper sex, incestuous phone sex, and abdl. He confessed to me that he had a secret and that he would rather show me than tell me, and that is when he pulled down his pants and underneath was a cute pair of girly diapers that he had on.

When he realized that I was not shocked at all to see that he had on girly diapers, that was when he told me that he would prefer if I would call him Michelle instead of Mitch. Not only did he get that wish granted, but I made sure to take him to my bedroom, where I was able to dress him up in my cute pink robe, jewelry, and lipstick.

Michelle looked incredible, all dolled up and looking as cute as ever. That was when I asked her when was the last time that she stroked her clitty and came in her diaper, and she said that she did it last night.

I told her to close her eyes, relax, and just wait patiently for me to touch her. I opened up her robe and glided my hand down the middle of her chest and moved it all the way to the inside of the diaper.

She gasped as I grabbed her genitals and moderately squeezed them, and then I proceeded to jerk her off in her diaper. She was so excited and panted with every thrust of my hand, and though she got harder every time I pumped her noodle, I commanded her not to dare cum without my permission.

Beads of sweat trickled down her face, and her breathing intensified. She was in the middle of the pleasure of how great it feels to have her clitter jerked and also in pain from having to hold in the feeling of cupping. She begged me to go, and I told her not to, and she started quivering as the intensity of holding in the feeling was so great.

Then I had her get on her knees on my bed, doggy style, and I put on a strap. I peeled her diaper to the side and inserted my artificial dick into her tight little asshole. While I fucked her in the ass, I used a hand to jerk her off, and as she begged and pleaded to cum, I ignored her for several minutes, and then it was time to cum, and she came with all of the diaper that she was wearing. Click Here

Aunt Brenda


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